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vice president (9), joe biden’s (8), the new york (7), jack smith’s (6), truth social (5)

Jack Smith Seeks Protective Order Restricting Trump

Special Counsel Jack Smith is seeking a protective order that would limit what Trump can say and how he can view discovery materials related to his 1/6 case.

Mike Pence Yells At Trump Supporters In A Parking Lot After They Call Him A Traitor

About a dozen Trump supporters started yelling at Mike Pence that he was a traitor, so Pence yelled back read it, and told them that he upheld the Constitution.

Opinion | What you can expect from the extraordinary trial of Donald Trump

The House Jan. 6 committee, which had first crack at many of Jack Smith's witnesses, did not have to comply with the rules of evidence and criminal procedure.

On the Campaign Trail, an Impossible Task: Ignoring Trump’s Latest Charges

Voters pressed them to weigh in. Reporters asked about pardons. Mike Pence was heckled. Republicans found it’s not easy to escape the fallout from Donald J. Trump’s legal peril.

Prosecutors cite Trump’s social media posts as they seek limits on handling of evidence

The court filing, known as a protective order, details the rules that the government wants Trump and his lawyers to follow during the discovery process.

Analysis | Trump indictments add to pressure on government funding bills

As House Republicans balk at money allocated toward the Justice Department, chances are growing for either a government shutdown or an across-the-board cut in federal budgets next spring, or both.

New Trump attorney fought for disgraced NBA ref who bet on games

"Mr. Trump is in great hands" with John Lauro as his attorney on the Jan. 6 indictment, Tim Donaghy told The Washington Post.

Trump: Pence has ‘gone to the Dark Side’

Trump's renewed criticism of the former vice president came as Pence has sharpened his attacks on his former boss.

Cohen: ‘I believe that Donald Trump will be held accountable’

Michael Cohen, former President Trump’s longtime fixer, said on Saturday that he believes Trump “will be held accountable” for the various charges levied against him after the former president was …

CLANCY: Evidence Suggests Joe Biden Conspired To Defraud American Voters. Where’s His Indictment?

All this evidence points to Joe Biden knowingly conspiring with a number of co-conspirators to defraud the United States and the voters.

Trump Was Right Again And Again About The Biden Family’s Foreign Business Dealings

Former President Donald Trump's assertions during the 2020 presidential campaign about the Biden family's foreign business dealings have proven to be correct. 

DeSantis Answers the Question He's Been Avoiding for Years, Says Stolen Election Claims Are Not True

Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis has finally offered his opinion on the claims of fraud in the 2020 election.

Watch Live: Donald Trump Speaks at South Carolina GOP Dinner

Former President Donald Trump will speak at the South Carolina GOP dinner on Saturday, August 5.

DOJ Prosecutor Working on Special Counsel Team Is a Biden Donor

One of the veteran attorneys advising Jack Smith has donated thousands of dollars to Democrat politicians, including President Joe Biden.

Matt Gaetz Threatens Jack Smith with Subpoena to Force Him Before House Judiciary Committee

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida wants to haul special prosecutor Jack Smith before a Congressional committee.

An Increasingly Frightened Trump Says Mike Pence Has Gone Over To The "Dark Side"

Trump is showing how scared he is by claiming that his former vice president Mike Pence is not a good person and has gone over to the 'dark side.'

Trump hits Pence for standing by his decision to certify 2020 election: He’s ‘gone to the Dark Side’

Former President Trump slammed his former running mate on Saturday for going “to the Dark Side” as former Vice President Mike Pence has continued to stand by his decision to certify the 2020 electi…

‘We’re Kicking Biden’s A**’: Trump Touts Poll Performance Ahead Of Possible 2024 Rematch

Former President Donald Trump touted his standing against President Joe Biden in early poll numbers projecting a potential rematch between the two in 2024.

Scharf: Smith Engaged in ‘Highly Irregular Conduct’ in Trump Prosecutions

Will Scharf said Jack Smith has engaged in “highly irregular conduct” in his pursuit of criminal charges against Donald Trump.

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