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then-vice president joe biden (8), sen chuck (8), chuck grassley (8), hunter biden (7), fd 1023 form (6)

In rare move, senator releases unverified FBI source report alleging Biden bribe

Sen. Chuck Grassley on Thursday released a confidential FBI informant's unverified claim that the Biden family "pushed" a Ukrainian oligarch to pay them $10 million

Trump Humiliated As House Republicans Don't Have The Votes To 'Expunge' His Impeachments

Even though Trump is pushing for it, House Republicans don't have the votes needed to pass a symbolic resolution expunging his impeachments.

Jamie Raskin Decimates The Biden Bribery GOP Clown Show

After Rep. James Comer and Sen. Chuck Grassley released an FBI document containing debunked Biden bribery claims, Rep. Jamie Raskin took apart the Republicans.

Bombshell FBI Report: 'It Would Take Them 10 Years to Find Records' of Burisma Payments to Bidens

An FBI source claimed that a Burisma executive bragged about sending illicit payments to Joe and Hunter Biden.

‘It Gets Worse Day By Day’: Jonathan Turley Says Biden FBI Doc Revelations Prove Special Counsel Is Needed

GWU law professor Jonathan Turley said the release of a document detailing allegations of bribery involving Joe Biden proved that a special counsel was needed.

Newly Released FBI Report Confirms It: The 'Big Guy' Is Joe Biden

Any doubts about the identity of the "big guy" in Hunter Biden's dealings has been removed with the release of an FBI document.

New FBI Report: Burisma Didn't Want to Pay Hunter, Joe Biden But Were 'Pushed to Pay Them'

An FBI informant alleged that the Ukrainian energy company at the center of the Biden bribery allegations was forced to pay up.

Bombshell FBI Doc: Burisma Leader Admits to Paying Joe Biden Millions

A controversial document has been released that says exactly what a source told the FBI about efforts to bribe the Bidens.

NBC's Vitali: Parts of Biden FBI Form 'Could Be Lost in Translation' from Russian

On Thursday's broadcast of NBC's "MTP Now," NBC News Capitol Hill Correspondent Ali Vitali reacted to the release of the 1023 form by Sen. Chuck Grassley | Clips

NBC's Vitali: GOP Investigating Hunter Probe with 'So-Called Whistleblowers'

On Thursday's broadcast of NBC's "MTP Now," NBC News Capitol Hill Correspondent Ali Vitali said that Republicans in Congress will use the FBI 1023 form on | Clips

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