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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2023-07-01 -- president joe biden (5), higher education (5), state legislature (4), of the voting rights act (4), term court (3)

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president joe biden (5), higher education (5), state legislature (4), of the voting rights act (4), term court (3)

Joe Biden Snaps At Fox News Reporter's Claim That He Gave Millions 'False Hope'

The president took umbrage at a question from Jacqui Heinrich after the Supreme Court ruled against his student loan forgiveness plan.

Republican LGBTQ group blasts DeSantis over ‘homophobic’ campaign video

A Republican LGBTQ group has blasted Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) over an ad released by his presidential campaign that the organization called “homophobic.”  Log Cabin Republicans, the largest GO…

Opinion | College admissions still won't be a meritocracy

The end of affirmative action is not the beginning of a new era of more equal admissions.

Takeaways from the latest controversial and contentious Supreme Court term | CNN Politics

Last fall, just when the Supreme Court was gearing up to start a new term, Chief Justice John Roberts told an audience in Colorado that he was looking forward to a return to normal where the public would be able to attend oral arguments in person after a Covid-induced break and metal barricades, erected to ward off protesters in the wake of the reversal of Roe v. Wade, would finally come down.

Quest for California reparations enters crucial new phase

A state task force has finalized its proposal to compensate African Americans affected by slavery and racist atrocities. The plan is now in lawmakers’ hands.

The Supreme Court’s term was full of whimpers. Then it ended with a bang.

Chief justice John Roberts spent months amassing institutional capital with centrist-seeming rulings. This week, he cashed in with dramatic victories for the right.

Opinion | This is what happens to your school district when Moms for Liberty comes to town

A shadow has settled over the education system in Bucks County. And your school could be next.

Opinion | How to Stave Off Constitutional Extinction

The best way to save it is to amend it.

‘My 401k Misses You’: Black Woman Pumped To Meet Donald Trump In Philadelphia

Former President Donald Trump encountered an unexpected fan during a visit to Philadelphia on Friday. 

The RNC’s debate plans have a major, largely unnoticed problem

You have to hit certain polling metrics to qualify. But what happens if there aren’t enough polls conducted?

Why Dems aren't campaigning on affirmative action

They have other plans to try to boost minority admissions at colleges after the Supreme Court's decision, like going after policies that benefit the children of alumni.

RFK Jr. Slams Biden for Not Bringing Congress 'Together’ on Student Debt

RFK Jr. slammed Biden for failing to “bring Congress together” on the student debt issue after SCOTUS struck his debt transfer down.

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