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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2023-05-27 -- debt limit (12), the debt ceiling (9), work requirements (5), the biden administration (5), president joe biden (5)

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debt limit (12), the debt ceiling (9), work requirements (5), the biden administration (5), president joe biden (5)

Kevin McCarthy Has A Few More Days To Screw This Up As Default Date Moved To June 5

In a letter, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen wrote that the new date when the US will run out of money is June 5.

DOJ Signals They May Dump Trump In E. Jean Carroll Suit

In a new letter, the DOJ argues that E. Jean Carroll's amended defamation complaint renders their position moot on the need to represent Trump.

Karine Jean-Pierre Smacks Down Kevin McCarthy's Debt Limit Lies

Speaker Kevin McCarthy keeps trying to blame Democrats for spending, but White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre brought the facts.

Senate GOP takes backseat on debt talks, fueling anxiety

The negotiations between President Biden and Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) on raising the debt limit has put the Senate in the backseat, fueling anxiety among the upper chamber’s conserva…

An Out Of It Donald Trump Jr. Trashes His Dad During Podcast

Donald Trump Jr. was apparently trying to criticize presidential candidate Ron DeSantis but instead slammed his dad.

White House, GOP getting ‘very close’ to budget and debt limit deal

Top Democrats and Republicans sent strong signals Friday night that they’re nearing an elusive agreement on a debt-ceiling increase to prevent an economy-rattling government default.  While ne…

Kevin McCarthy’s Freedom Caucus headache is just getting started

In the debt ceiling fight, House Freedom Caucus members thought they were running the show. Now they're learning otherwise. They're not taking it well.

Yellen’s Debt Limit Warnings Went Unheeded, Leaving Her to Face Fallout

The Treasury secretary, who considered ways to contain the fallout of a default when she was a Fed official in 2011, had urged Democrats to raise the limit while they still had control of Congress.

Absent landlord: Biden questioned for skipping town as debt ceiling deadline inches closer

President Joe Biden is out of town again as debt ceiling talks enter their final days.

Despite High-Level Guarantees, Time Is Running Out to Avoid a Default

With a June 5 deadline looming, there is much to be done to prevent the default that leaders of both parties said would never happen.

Behind the Scenes: Midnight Calls and Marathon Meetings, Night After Night

What day is it, anyway? As talks drag on, the situation is getting painful for everyone from the negotiators to the tourists on Capitol Hill.

Biden's Coalition Cracks, Top Democrats Beginning to Doubt White House

As the debt ceiling talks grind on, House Democrats are increasingly disillusioned with President Joe Biden's leadership.

Yellen Warns Treasury to Run Out of Funds June 5, Urges Deal ‘As Soon As Possible’

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen announced Friday the government could breach its debt limit on June 5 if a debt deal is not reached in time.

Negotiators aim for weekend deal to avert debt default

Both sides predict an agreement could soon come together as they race to meet the new June 5 deadline.

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