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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2023-05-02 -- the debt limit (13), the debt ceiling (12), to avoid default (8), president joe biden (8), congressional leaders (8)

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the debt limit (13), the debt ceiling (12), to avoid default (8), president joe biden (8), congressional leaders (8)

Kevin McCarthy's Debt Limit Bill Is Backfiring On House Republicans

The White House and President Biden are hanging Kevin McCarthy's debt limit bill around the necks of every House Republican.

US could default by June 1 unless debt ceiling is raised; Biden looks to meet with Congress

The U.S. could default by June 1 unless the debt ceiling is raised, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen wrote Monday; Biden has invited McCarthy and lawmakers for a meeting.

Rachel Maddow Shows How Democrats Are Passing Laws To Protect Americans From Red States

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow said that for the first time since she has been tracking state-level politics, Democratic-controlled states are passing laws to protect people from red states.

Chuck Schumer And Hakeem Jeffries Don't Budge And Keep The Heat On Republicans

Majority Leader Schumer and Democratic Leader Jeffries made it clear that Democrats aren't budging on their demand for a clean debt limit bill

House Democrats Move To Deploy Their Secret Weapon To Avoid A Default

House Democrats have been working for months on a secret long-shot strategy to go around Kevin McCarthy and raise the debt limit.

Why Joe Biden won’t negotiate on the debt ceiling

The budget and debt ceiling are separate issues. Biden will budge on one of them.

Is the Debt Limit Constitutional? Biden Aides Are Debating It.

As the government heads toward a possible default on its debt as soon as next month, officials are entertaining a legal theory that previous administrations ruled out.

‘No solution in the Senate’: Both parties dig in on debt

As top lawmakers prepare to meet with President Joe Biden, they stayed entrenched in their positions on how to steer the nation away from default.

McConnell will attend Biden meeting on debt ceiling but says ‘solution is not in Senate’

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) confirmed he would attend a meeting with President Joe Biden and congressional leaders to discuss the debt ceiling crisis next week, but he maintained that a solution lies only between the White House and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

House Democrats Move to Force a Debt-Limit Increase as Default Date Looms

House Democratic leaders who have been quietly planning a strategy to force a debt ceiling increase to avert default began taking steps on Tuesday to deploy their secret weapon.

Everything You Need to Know About the Debt Ceiling

Congress controls how much money the United States can borrow. Here’s a look at why that is and what it means.

How McCarthy could pick off centrist Dems with 4 debt-limit ideas

Republicans want to nudge their opponents into concessions that go beyond huge spending cuts. Some of their hopes are more realistic than others.

Biden won’t move on debt ceiling terms even as he seeks to restart talks

With threat of a June 1 default now looming, the president invites GOP leaders to talk, but on his terms.

Fast-approaching debt deadline jolts a flat-footed Congress

The Treasury Secretary’s warning of an economically perilous default as soon as June 1 prompted a White House meeting — but little other movement in Congress.

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