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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2023-04-23 -- lt gen (4), 16,000 americans (4), secretary state (3), saudi arabia (3), people killed (3)

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lt gen (4), 16,000 americans (4), secretary state (3), saudi arabia (3), people killed (3)

In Sudan, a power struggle between rival armed forces turns violent

Sudanese citizens have fought for democracy, but the last week’s hostilities threaten the transition process.

US government offers help to 16,000 Americans living in Sudan

The U.S. government has pledged that it will try to help the 16,000 Americans living in Sudan as the fighting continues between the Sudanese army and a paramilitary group. Secretary of State Antony…

U.S. Pulls Diplomats From Sudan, and an Exodus Begins

With hopes fading that two warring generals will end their battle anytime soon, diplomats and other foreigners began heading for Sudan’s doors.

Chaos in Sudan: Who Is Battling for Power, and Why It Hasn’t Stopped

The strategically important country in northeastern Africa has been consumed by more than a week of fighting between two military factions. Sudanese are fleeing and many countries are evacuating their personnel — but many people are stuck.

US Special Forces Execute Long-Range Mission in Nightstalker Helicopters

U.S. forces swooped into Sudan by helicopter as civil war raged to rescue Americans who worked at the U.S. Embassy.

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