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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2023-04-19 -- the 2020 election (9), dominion voting systems (9), rupert murdoch (6), certain claims about dominion (6), settlement fox (5)

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the 2020 election (9), dominion voting systems (9), rupert murdoch (6), certain claims about dominion (6), settlement fox (5)

Fox News, Dominion Reach $787 Million Settlement in Defamation Lawsuit

Fox News has agreed to pay Dominion Voting Systems a $787 million settlement, avoiding a trial in the $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit.

Take a mental break with the newest Vox crossword

For the curious in all of us. Can you solve it?

Fox pays $787 million for its 2020 election lies

Dominion Voting Systems will get $787 million of the $1.6 billion it originally sought.

The uproar over Dianne Feinstein, explained

Why some Democrats want Feinstein to resign immediately.

A $787.5 Million Settlement and Embarrassing Disclosures: The Costs of Airing a Lie

Fox News’s late-stage agreement with Dominion Voting Systems came with a rare acknowledgment of broadcasting false claims by the conservative media powerhouse.

Here are the other legal cases Fox is entangled in.

Cases on libel and a discriminatory work environment are still pending.

Dominion still has pending lawsuits against election deniers such as Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell

Dominion Voting Systems still has pending lawsuits against right-wing networks Newsmax and OAN, as well as against Trump allies Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and Mike Lindell.

Fox News settles with Dominion at the last second, pays more than $787 million to avert defamation trial over its 2020 election lies | CNN Business

Fox News reached a last-second settlement with Dominion Voting Systems on Tuesday as the case raced toward opening statements, paying more than $787 million to end a colossal two-year legal battle that publicly shredded the right-wing network's credibility.

Fox Will Pay $787.5 Million to Settle Defamation Suit

The settlement with Dominion Voting Systems was the latest extraordinary twist in a case that exposed the inner workings of the most powerful voice in conservative news.

Settlement reached in Fox vs Dominion lawsuit

Fox News will pay more than $787 million to Dominion Voting Systems after the sides hammered out a last-minute settlement Tuesday in the explosive defamation case launched against the right-wing network.

Why Fox News had to settle the Dominion suit

The last-minute agreement makes clear just how sticky a situation Fox was headed for if the trial did occur.

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