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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2023-02-28 -- biden’s student debt relief plan (9), the biden administration (7), president joe biden (7), oral arguments (7), up 20,000 (5)

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biden’s student debt relief plan (9), the biden administration (7), president joe biden (7), oral arguments (7), up 20,000 (5)

You probably won’t get any student loan relief, thanks to a GOP-controlled Supreme Court

At the end of the day, the most important question in US law is which political party controls the Supreme Court.

Student loan forgiveness: Key statements from each justice

The high-stakes battle over President Biden’s student debt relief plan reached the Supreme Court on Tuesday, with each justice giving a glimpse into their thinking during back-to-back oral argument…

26 million student loan forgiveness applications could be declined by the Supreme Court | CNN Politics

Conservative Supreme Court justices took a predictably dim view Tuesday of President Joe Biden's controversial plan to forgive up to $20,000 in federal student loans for some borrowers and wipe away nearly half a trillion in debt.

Supreme Court appears skeptical of Biden’s student debt relief plan

A majority of justices appeared dubious about the Biden administration’s pandemic-related legal justification for the sweeping debt relief program.

Supreme Court could pull this shady move to block student debt relief

Tuesday’s arguments revealed that the Republican-controlled Supreme Court could use a made-up doctrine to rule against Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan.

Biden student loan case: Missouri AG dismisses justices' standing concerns as 'red herring'

EXCLUSIVE — The Republican attorneys general leading the legal challenge to President Joe Biden's student loan forgiveness plan are confident their case will succeed after the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case Tuesday.

Supreme Court Appears Skeptical of Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

The administration faced a conservative court that has insisted that government initiatives with major political and economic consequences be clearly authorized by Congress.

Takeaways from the Supreme Court oral arguments in cases challenging Biden's student debt relief plan | CNN Politics

The Supreme Court on Tuesday heard oral arguments in two challenges to President Joe Biden's student debt relief plan, with several conservative justices appearing skeptical of the government's authority to discharge millions of dollars in federally held loans.

The liberal justices had a strong game plan going into the student loan case. Did they win over Barrett? | CNN Politics

The three liberal justices of the Supreme Court appeared to deploy a fresh strategy Tuesday as they launched a disciplined and sustained effort to attack arguments put forward by challengers to President Joe Biden's student loan forgiveness program.

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