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nikki haley (9), matt gaetz (6), haley said (6), the 2024 presidential (5), sex trafficking (5)

Trump Is Desperate And Now Supporting Mail-In Voting

After telling Republicans for years not to vote by mail, Trump has changed his mind and now supports mail-in voting.

Nikki Haley's Presidential Campaign Launch Was A Failure For 1 Reason

Nikki Haley refused to criticize Trump by name, and anyone who refuses to call Trump out specifically is destined to fail in 2024.

DOJ Says They Have Evidence Of A Trump Crime

In a court filing to get one of Trump's attorneys to offer more testimony DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith wrote that they have evidence of a crime.

Nikki Haley’s "new generation" 2024 campaign is actually a throwback to the pre-Trump GOP

The former Trump official’s presidential campaign is caught between two warring versions of Republican Party.

Special counsel seeks answers from Trump lawyer on classified docs

As Jack Smith seeks answers from a Trump lawyer, the former president has new reason to worry about the seriousness of his classified documents scandal.

In sex trafficking probe, Matt Gaetz won’t face federal charges

According to multiple accounts, Matt Gaetz sought a pardon from Donald Trump. As it turns out, the Republican congressman didn't need one.

Biden could deliver remarks this week addressing downed objects, sources say | CNN Politics

President Joe Biden could deliver remarks this week addressing the downing of the Chinese spy balloon and other unidentified high-altitude objects over North American airspace, two sources familiar with the matter said.

55 Things You Need to Know About Nikki Haley

The former South Carolina governor and Trump official has navigated racial conflict throughout her private and political life — as well as the shifting politics of the Trump-era GOP.

Haley enters the fray, knowing Trump’s history mocking women

The former South Carolina governor has a few big tasks ahead of her. One of them will center around her gender.

Nikki Haley calls for competency tests for politicians over 75 during campaign launch

“In the America I see, the permanent politician will finally retire,” Haley said.

Early 2024 Clues Visible in the Republican Ranks | RealClearPolitics

There's been a lot of talk among Republicans about the effect a big primary field might have on the 2024 presidential nomination race. The short version is that a big field is thought to benefit former President Donald Trump, who, as in 2016, would not have to win a majority of votes to win — a plurality, and not even a big one, would be enough. On the other hand, a small field, especially a one-on-one matchup with another candidate, say Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), might allow the challenger to defeat Trump.

DOJ Declines To Charge Rep. Matt Gaetz After Sex Trafficking Probe

The Department of Justice (DOJ) will not charge Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz following a probe into his alleged sex trafficking.

Obama's Longtime Former Personal Doctor Speaks Out, And It's Not Good for Biden's 2024 Run

Biden's age and his medical history point toward a decline in cognitive ability. Anyone watching the president has already seen it happening.

Matt Gaetz Cleared: DOJ Officially Decides to Not Charge Congressman After Investigation

The decision not to pursue charges against the Florida Republican was made at the upper levels of the Justice Department.

Thousands Gather in Charleston for Nikki Haley Presidential Launch as She Calls for ‘New Generation’ of GOP Leaders

Thousands of people gathered in Charleston on Wednesday as Nikki Haley formally entered the fray of the 2024 GOP presidential primary.

JUST IN: Biden DOJ Will Not Charge Matt Gaetz In Sex Trafficking Probe, Ending Years Long Witch-Hunt

The witch-hunt against Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has ended. The Biden Department of Justice announced they will not bring charges against the conservative Florida congressman after a years-long sex trafficking probe. The investigation into Gaetz began in late 2020 and was built on former friends and acquaintances looking to save their own skin. These were far…

WATCH: Joe Biden Refers to Democrat Wes Moore - Maryland's First Black Governor as "Boy"

Joe Biden on Wednesday traveled to Maryland to deliver remarks on his crappy economy. Biden spoke at a meeting of the IBEW Local 26 union in Lanham, Maryland. 80-year-old Joe Biden referred to Democrat Wes Moore, Maryland’s first black governor as “boy” during his remarks. “And you got a helluva new governor in Wes Moore,…

Even With A Mountain Of Evidence, Feds Won't Prosecute Matt Gaetz

The federal government had witnesses, flight records, Venmo receipts, and yet still decided not to prosecute Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL).

Freedom Caucus Member Throws Weight Behind Nikki Haley For President

Rep. Ralph Norman endorses Nikki Haley for president as she makes her formal announcement Wednesday. The two served together in South Carolina's House.

WATCH: Sarah Palin Says Ron DeSantis Should Stay Out of 2024 Race

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has said that she believes Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis should stay out of the 2024 presidential race. DeSantis has not announced an intent to run, but there has been wide speculation that he will. Palin weighed in on Tuesday during an interview with Newsmax. “DeSantis doesn’t need to [run],” Palin…

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