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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2023-01-20 -- against hillary clinton (6), attorney alina habba (5), reasonable lawyer would have filed it (4), new york attorney general (4), lawsuit hillary (4)

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against hillary clinton (6), attorney alina habba (5), reasonable lawyer would have filed it (4), new york attorney general (4), lawsuit hillary (4)

Trump And His Lawyers Embarrassed As Judge Sanctions Them Nearly $1 Million For Hillary Clinton Lawsuit

Federal Judge John Middlebrooks sanctioned Trump and his lawyers nearly $1 million for abusing the legal system with a frivolous lawsuit against Hillary Clinton.

Florida Judge Fines Trump, Lawyer For 'Frivolous' Lawsuit

A Florida Judge has sanctioned former President Donald Trump and one of his attorneys, ordering them to pay nearly $1 million for filing a bogus lawsuit against Trump’s 2016 rival Hillary Clinton.

The Supreme Court Becomes A Laughingstock As It Claims That It Can't Find The Conservative Roe Leaker

After numerous reports that the draft of the overturn of Roe v. Wade was leaked by a conservative, the Supreme Court claims that it can't find the leaker.

Opinion | Supreme Court leak report leaves legal experts scratching their heads

We got an update on the Supreme Court's investigation into the Dobbs opinion leak. Have the justices themselves even been considered potential suspects?  

Foolish anti-Clinton case leads to steep penalty for Trump, lawyers

Donald Trump's frivolous anti-Clinton case was so outlandish, a judge imposed harsh sanctions on his lawyers — and the former president himself.

Clinton-Appointed Judge Fines Trump Almost $1 Million Over Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton

“Thirty-one individuals and entities were needlessly harmed in order to dishonestly advance a political narrative."

Supreme Court Leak Investigation Appears Not to Have Questioned Justices

The investigation into the Supreme Court leak in the Dobbs case appears not to have included Justices themselves in questioning.

Federal Judge Hits Trump, Attorneys with Nearly $1 Million in Sanctions

A federal judge issued nearly $1M in sanctions against Trump and his attorneys over their “frivolous” lawsuit filed against Hillary Clinton.

Trump withdraws Florida lawsuit against New York attorney general

The move comes after a judge ordered nearly $1 million in sanctions against Trump and his counsel in a separate case against Hillary Clinton.

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