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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2022-12-28 -- the new york post (10), nassau county (8), goldman sachs (7), rep. elect nick lalota said (6), long island (6)

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the new york post (10), nassau county (8), goldman sachs (7), rep. elect nick lalota said (6), long island (6)

A Criminal Investigation Has Been Opened Into George Santos

A Republican District Attorney has opened a criminal investigation into GOP Congressman-Elect George Santos (R-NY).

Mark Meadows Could Be Going To Prison For A Very Long Time

Former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows took classified documents home with him, made copies, and handed them out to other people.

Prosecutors Open Investigation Into Rep.-Elect George Santos

Santos has thus far shown no signs of stepping aside — even as he has publicly admitted to a long list of fabrications.

Calls Grow For George Santos's Lawyer To Be Referred As An Accomplice To Fraud

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) suggested that George Santos's lawyer be referred to the NY State Bar Association for making false statements and being an accomplice to fraud. George Santos has admitted that he lied

Trump's Tax Returns Will Be Made Public On Friday Morning

Donald Trump's tax returns will be made public for the American people to see on Friday morning.

Santos scandal crashes into McCarthy speakership battle

The GOP leader has stayed silent as the incoming Republican congressman has admitted to several lies about his background.

Incoming NY lawmaker joins growing GOP chorus demanding answers from Santos

Incoming New York Republican Rep.-elect Mike Lawler on Wednesday joined a growing number of GOP voices demanding answers from Rep.-elect George Santos (R-N.Y.) after he confessed to fabri…

Opinion | What George Santos' 'Jew-ish' identity really tells us

Santos exploited the way religion gets a free pass in the American politics — and the extreme political agenda of the Jewish right.

George Santos Faces Federal and Local Investigations, and Public Dismay

Prosecutors said on Wednesday that they would examine Mr. Santos, who has admitted lying about his work and educational history during his campaign.

Analysis | The scale of George Santos’s deceit — and the remaining questions

In recent interviews, Santos has talked about the questions raised about his biography and résumé. But those explanations leave some potentially problematic issues unresolved.

Santos struggles in Fox News interview about lying and integrity

Guest host Tulsi Gabbard came down hard on the New York congressman-elect, who has admitted to fabricating significant parts of his résumé and embellishing his background.

Santos scandal has no parallel: top crisis communicators

Support for the incoming congressman is eroding at home.

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