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winter storm (9), new york (9), winter weather (7), buffalo niagara international airport (7), blizzard conditions (6)

Hochul: Storm will ‘go down in history as the most devastating’ in Buffalo

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) on Sunday said this weekend’s major winter storm is the most devastating to hit Buffalo, N.Y., after officials confirmed seven deaths in the area. “We are in a war,” …

Death toll from winter storm rises to at least 26

The death toll from the winter storm sweeping across large parts of the continental United States has risen to at least 26.  People have died in weather-related traffic accidents or from the cold, …

Prolonged winter storm causes at least 26 deaths and leaves thousands without power | CNN

The prolonged winter storm that brought heavy snow, high winds and brutal cold to most of the US this past week has killed at least 26 people and left hundreds of thousands without power.

Millions In U.S. Hunker Down From Frigid, Deadly Monster Storm

The scope of the storm has been nearly unprecedented, stretching from the Great Lakes near Canada to the Rio Grande along the border with Mexico.

In Buffalo, Even the Rescuers Needed Rescuing

Two days after a raging blizzard struck, residents remained trapped in cars and in homes without heat. The death toll rose to 12.

Con Edison asks New York City customers to conserve energy.

“This may turn out to be the worst storm in our community’s history, surpassing the famed Blizzard of ’77 for its ferocity,” Mark Poloncarz, the Erie County executive, said on Saturday.Emergency wo...

Winter Storm Turns Deadly: 18 Lives Lost as Frigid Monster Sweeps U.S.

Millions of Americans have woken on Christmas morning to confront the frigid storm that has killed at least 18 people across the nation.

Over 1.5 Million Without Power on Christmas Eve During Winter Storm

Over 1.5 million were without power on Christmas Eve due to a winter storm sweeping much of the country, according to PowerOutage at 11:30 a.m. Eastern.

Flight cancellations top 1,600 on Christmas Day

With much of the United States still reeling from a nearly weeklong winter storm, flight cancellations and delays and other transportation challenges continued to pile up on Christmas Day.

Photos: Winter storm impacts the US | CNN

A major winter storm blasting much of the central and eastern US is bringing record-breaking temperature drops and harsh snowy conditions that have resulted in flight cancellations, highway closures and several state emergency declarations.

Winter Storm in Western New York Leaves At Least Seven Dead

The winter bomb cyclone dumping snow and cold weather across the country hit the Buffalo and Western New York hard.  The area faced hurricane force winds and snow leading to whiteout conditions. The National Weather Service reported 43 inches by  7 a.m. on Sunday morning at Buffalo Niagara International Airport. The severe weather hampered emergency response…

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