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of the 2022 midterm elections (12), mehmet oz (9), president joe biden’s (8), election day (8), john fetterman (7)

Biden Blasts GOP Hypocrites And Says He'll Never Apologize For Helping The Middle Class

While speaking in New Mexico, President Biden called out Republican hypocrites for taking government aid for themselves, saying he would never apologize for helping the working and middle-class.

Video: The 3 possible outcomes of the 2022 election

Why the congressional midterms matter so much.

Why a Democratic Senate majority still matters ⁠— even if they lose the House

There’s one big reason Democrats need to hold the Senate.

The 5 types of candidates to watch in the battle for the House

The most interesting House races include diverse GOP recruits, new progressives, and Republicans who bucked Trump.

Biden Trying To Save Incumbent Democrats In Campaign Sprint

President Joe Biden’s travel itinerary for his last big campaign swing before the midterm elections reveals his defensive stance in the campaign’s closing days.

Has Herschel Walker Met Barack Obama? We Investigate.

The Georgia Republican has either played basketball with the former president or never met him at all.

As elections near, Trump eyes McConnell’s possible ‘impeachment’

Five days before the most important midterm election cycle in modern history, Donald Trump is broaching the subject of impeaching Mitch McConnell.

In Final Days of Pennsylvania Race, a Celebrity Tries to Connect

For years, Dr. Oz engaged millions of Americans as a television celebrity. Now his task is to connect with Pennsylvanians as a candidate.

Fueled by Billionaires, Political Spending Shatters Records Again

In the money race between America’s billionaires and small donors, the emerging political oligarchy is showing staying power. Both parties have megadonors, but Republicans have far more.

Trump kicks off final campaign blitz to boost Republicans and himself | CNN Politics

To say that Donald Trump is returning to the campaign trail would suggest he's ever gone away.

The 10 Senate seats most likely to flip in 2022 | CNN Politics

The race for the House is tilting strongly toward the GOP, but the struggle for Senate control is still very much a slog that could go either way, even as late-breaking national winds favor the party out of power.

Trump closes the midterm with his own standing in the GOP on the line

The results on Tuesday could give the ex-president a huge notch on the belt or raise questions about his campaign choices.

How Fetterman drew Oprah into the race against Oz

The longtime talk show host helped launch Oz's career on TV, but she's backing his opponent in the Pennsylvania Senate race.

EXCLUSIVE: McCarthy, GOP Poised To Pounce In ’23. Here’s Their ‘Number One Promise’

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Republicans are gearing up to investigate the Biden admin over several issues, according to ranking members and McCarthy.

Gavin Newsom Warns Democrats: 'Red Wave' Is Coming Tuesday

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) is warning fellow Democrats that a "red wave" is coming in next Tuesday's midterm election.

Biden Lies at CA Rally: Trump Called People Like Paul Pelosi Attacker 'Patriots'

President Biden said Trump had used the term "patriots" to refer to people like the man who attacked Paul Pelosi last week.

Oh Look, Another Republican Candidate Who Paid for An Abortion And Then Voted to Keep Abortion Off the Ballot

Republican Michigan state judge Brian Zahra's ex-wife says he drove her to get an abortion years ago, and she's angry that he voted to block a measure to enshrine abortion rights in the state Constitution in September.

Opinion | This cynical, shrewd move may keep Democrats in power

Democrats know 'threat to democracy' is too abstract to base their campaigns on.

Voters Have Expanded Medicaid in 6 States. Is South Dakota Next?

Ten years after the Supreme Court ruled that states did not have to expand Medicaid, the politics are changing in states like South Dakota, where rural hospitals and nursing homes are struggling.

Exclusive: DOJ mulling potential special counsel if Trump runs in 2024 | CNN Politics

As Donald Trump inches closer to launching another presidential run after the midterm election, Justice Department officials have discussed whether a Trump candidacy would create the need for a special counsel to oversee two sprawling federal investigations related to the former president, sources familiar with the matter tell CNN.

Oprah Winfrey backs Fetterman

Oprah Winfrey voiced support on Thursday for Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman over her longtime friend and Republican candidate Mehmet Oz. “I said it was up to the citizens o…

Biden's Corrupt Justice Department Contemplating Appointing Special Counsel if Trump Runs For President in 2024: Report

Trump is officially the most investigated man on the planet. The Justice Department is contemplating appointing a special counsel if Trump runs for president again in 2024. According to CNN, the DOJ has brought in a “brain trust” for advice on Trump probes. Trump is expected to announce his 2024 run after the midterm elections.…

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