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house minority leader kevin (6), 23 2022 (5), social reform (4), reform movements (4), graduate work (4)

Trump Totally Melts Down As Congress Is Set To Stop His 2024 Coup

Trump has spent years laying the groundwork to stage another coup in 2024, and he is not happy that Congress looks set to pass legislation to stop him.

Republicans Plan To Raise Prescription Drug Prices If They Win The House

House Republicans are looking at repealing the lowering of prescription drug prices that Democrats passed and signed into law.

Mitch McConnell Is Encouraging Senate Republicans To Support Bill Blocking Trump 2024 Coup

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell may get rid of Trump once and for all, as he is encouraging his caucus to make a deal on reforming the Electoral Count Act.

Kevin McCarthy's House GOP Agenda Rollout Goes Disastrously Off The Rails

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy rolled out his agenda in Pittsburgh where things went off the rails during guest comments.

Opinion | Republicans want the door open for Trump's chaos in 2024

Republicans should want to close the Electoral Count Act's loopholes. That they don't speaks volumes.

House GOP deploys a 2023 agenda it can use in November

Republicans say their "Commitment to America" is a guide to a future majority. Key provisions were tested to serve as a unifying national message this fall.

House GOP strays away from sore subjects in platform rollout

MONONGAHELA, Pa. – House Republicans avoided sore subjects like abortion, election denialism and former President Trump as they rolled out their “Commitment to America” midterm messaging and policy…

EXCLUSIVE: Matt Gaetz Rips McCarthy’s ‘Commitment To America’ Agenda

Rep. Matt Gaetz slammed Kevin McCarthy's "Commitment to America," specifically one bullet point, in an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller.

Watch Live: Kevin McCarthy, House Republicans Unveil 'Commitment to America' Agenda

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans on Friday will introduce the Commitment to America agenda.

Joe Biden Quietly Lowers Expectations for Democrats in the Midterms

Joe Biden continues trumpeting his agenda on the fundraising circuit even as he quietly prepares his supporters for a Republican takeover.

Trump to unleash millions in the midterms in possible prelude to 2024

A new super PAC, dubbed MAGA Inc., is welcome news for Republicans who've seen their Senate candidates vastly outraised by Democrats.

McConnell seeks a Jan. 6 mop-up on his terms

The Senate GOP leader didn't vote to convict Donald Trump after lambasting him over the Capitol attack. But he's poised to embrace post-riot reform even as House counterparts resist it.

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