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new york (8), attorney general (6), social reform (5), reform movements (5), press pool (5)

Trump Judge Orders Classified Docs Removed From Special Master So That They Can Be Used In DOJ Criminal Probe

After the 11 Circuit overturned her ruling for Trump, Judge Aileen Cannon ordered the classified documents removed from the special master so that they can be used in the DOJ criminal investigation.

Trump's Hell Day Worsens As DOJ Wins Classified Docs Appeal

Trump started the day getting sued by the state of New York for fraud and by the evening had lost to the DOJ in appeals court in the classified documents case.

Nicolle Wallace: Trump Was Committing Fraud While President

Trump fraud in New York ran until 2020, which means that as Nicolle Wallace said, Trump was committing fraud while president.

Former US Attorney: Trump's Reckoning Has Begun

Former US Attorney Harry Litman said that the New York lawsuit strikes at the heart of Trump's brand and shows that his day of reckoning has begun.

Trump Claims That He Can Declassify Documents With His Mind

Trump told Sean Hannity that he doesn't need a process to declassify documents. He can declassify them by thinking it.

Trump suffers setback as appeals panel rejects Cannon ruling

The panel ruled that Judge Aileen Cannon erred.

Trump Docs Probe: Court Lifts Hold On Mar-a-Lago Records

A federal appeals court has lifted a judge’s hold on the Justice Department’s ability to use classified records seized from former President Donald Trump’s Florida estate.

Presidential Power to Declassify Information, Explained

In an interview, Mr. Trump again insisted that “I declassified everything.” He added that as president, “you can declassify just by saying ‘it’s declassified’ — even by thinking about it.”

Appeals Court Frees Justice Dept. to Use Sensitive Files Seized From Trump

A federal judge had temporarily barred the department from using the records marked as classified in its inquiry into whether the former president illegally retained national defense documents.

Federal Appeals Court Gives Biden DOJ Exactly What It Wanted in Trump Classified Documents Battle

For the former president's legal team, it was a losing round before the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday.

Trump’s legal troubles are mounting. And his support is consolidating.

The lawsuit filed against him by the New York AG fits a pattern that so far has helped the former president with his political base.

5 juiciest takeaways from the Tish James lawsuit against Donald Trump

"James is playing hardball," but don't expect a showy Trump trial in this case.

Tish James just sued Trump — but they’ve been at it for years

James seeks to bar Trump and his family from being officers of any business in New York.

A peek inside the Trump real estate in Tish James' bombshell lawsuit

In a statement, Donald Trump's attorney Alina Habba repeated the former president's claim that the case is politically motivated.

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