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the general election (9), rhode island (9), secretary of state nellie gorbea (8), karoline leavitt (8), the 2020 election was (7)

National Archives Tells Congress They Aren't Sure If Trump Still Has Classified Docs

The National Archives said in response to a congressional request that they don't know if Trump has turned over all of the classified docs.

Trump Had Classified FISA Intel On US Enemies

Newly unsealed parts of the DOJ affidavit for the Mar-a-Lago search reveal that Trump had FISA-obtained intelligence at his private club.

NY GOP Elections Commissioner Arrested For 12 Election Fraud Related Felonies

The Republican Rensselaer County (NY) Board of Elections commissioner was arrested by the FBI for 12 felonies related to election fraud.

Adam Kinzinger Calls A 1/6 Committee Criminal Referral Likely

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) said that the 1/6 Committee is likely to make a criminal referral to the Justice Department.

Ken Starr, Lawyer Who Advocated Impeachment For Bill Clinton, Dies

The Texan also defended former President Donald Trump against impeachment.

Judge pooh-poohs Peter Navarro's bid to delay contempt prosecution

The former Trump White House adviser, indicted on contempt charges, has been trying to pry documents from the DOJ. A judge explained why his request is nonsense.

Does Trump still have official documents he’s not supposed to have?

Does Donald Trump, even now, still have official documents he’s not supposed to have? There's some uncertainty that Congress is eager to resolve.

Trump ally's victory in New Hampshire GOP primary completes Senate battleground map

New Hampshire Republicans' decision to nominate Don Bolduc to take on Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan locks in the final key matchup in November's battle for control of the Senate.

Gen Z candidate Karoline Leavitt will win GOP primary in New Hampshire's 1st District, CNN projects

Karoline Leavitt, a former aide in Donald Trump's White House whom CNN projected would win the Republican nomination in New Hampshire's 1st Congressional District, could become one of the first members of Generation Z elected to Congress this year.

Live updates: New Hampshire and Rhode Island election results 2022

The primary season comes to a close on Tuesday with elections in New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Delaware. Follow live results and the latest news updates here.

Trump-aligned Republican wins New Hampshire Senate primary

The outcome is a positive for Democrats, who think Don Bolduc would be toxic for Republicans in the general election.

Biden drops in on Delaware to vote in person for primaries

President Joe Biden made a quick jaunt to his home state on Tuesday evening to vote in Delaware’s primary, one of the last contests ahead of the November elections

Ken Starr, investigator who probed Clinton administration, dies at 76

Ken Starr, the prosecutor who probed the Clinton administration controversy known as Whitewater, died on Tuesday at 76 years old.

Leavitt wins GOP nod in race against New Hampshire Rep. Pappas

Karoline Leavitt was projected to defeat Matt Mowers on Tuesday, clinching the Republican nomination in New Hampshire’s 1st congressional district and setting her up to take on Rep. Chris Pappas (D…

Rhode Island’s Democratic governor survives competitive primary

Rhode Island Gov. Dan McKee (D) is projected to move one step closer to winning his first full term in the governor’s mansion, overcoming a competitive primary to score the Democratic nomination. T…

Jan. 6 panel weighs options in final leg of marathon probe

The House committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol huddled on Tuesday to game out the final weeks of its marathon probe but deferred decisions about witnesses and hearings to…

Convicted Delaware auditor loses reelection bid in Democratic primary

Delaware's incumbent state auditor Kathy McGuiness lost her Democratic primary in the state’s only contested primary for a statewide office on Tuesday after she was convicted on criminal corruption charges earlier this year.

Gov. Dan McKee fends off stiff competition in Rhode Island gubernatorial primary

Incumbent Rhode Island Gov. Dan McKee won his Democratic primary Tuesday night, defeating his rivals in the intraparty battle for governor.

Joe Biden Makes Last-Minute Trip to Delaware to Vote in Primary

President Joe Biden left the White House suddenly on Tuesday evening, telling reporters he was planning to vote in the state's primary.

Jen Psaki Says Trump Hugely Energizes Democrats

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that Trump is energizing Democrats for the midterms.

Opinion | Cocky Democrats may be counting their votes before they're cast

News that their fortunes are improving is going to Democrats' heads.

Four takeaways from New Hampshire and Rhode Island primaries | CNN Politics

New Hampshire state Senate President Chuck Morse conceded the Republican Senate primary Wednesday morning to Don Bolduc, a retired Army brigadier general and election denier who has embraced former President Donald Trump's approach to politics -- a letdown for the GOP establishment in the race to take on Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan.

Five takeaways from the last primary night of the year

Primary night in New Hampshire, Delaware and Rhode Island — the last primaries of the year — proved to be a good night for incumbents and former President Trump, and a difficult one for many establ…

Karoline Leavitt wins heated GOP primary for New Hampshire's 1st Congressional District

Former White House aide Karoline Leavitt managed to edge out ex-State Department official Matt Mowers on Tuesday in the bitterly contested GOP race to take on Democratic Rep. Chris Pappas in New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District.

Former Trump, Stefanik Staffer Karoline Leavitt Wins New Hampshire House Primary

Former White House communications staffer Karoline Leavitt won a hard-fought primary in New Hampshire's First District on Tuesday.

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