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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2022-07-26 -- vice president mike pence (10), the 2020 election (8), a federal grand jury (7), overturn election (6), chief staff (6)

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vice president mike pence (10), the 2020 election (8), a federal grand jury (7), overturn election (6), chief staff (6)

Bombshell: DOJ Forms Grand Jury to Investigate 1/6 and Trump White House

In a bombshell revelation, the Justice Department has formed a grand jury to investigate January 6th and indict anyone for any crimes the jury believes were committed during that period.

Just A Mile From Where Trump's Mob Wanted To Hang Him, Pence Fails To Mention His Coup

Pence’s unwillingness to mention Trump’s use of violence to remain in power illustrates the former president’s continued hold on the Republican base.

Opinion | These 59 words Trump struck out in Sharpie in his post-Jan. 6 speech say the most

The latest Jan. 6 committee video shows that Trump refused to expel Capitol attackers from his MAGA movement.

‘Kind of Wild/Creative’: Emails Shed Light on Trump Fake Electors Plan

Previously undisclosed communications among Trump campaign aides and outside advisers provide new insight into their efforts to overturn the election in the weeks leading to Jan. 6.

Post Politics Now: Trump returns to Washington; Biden on cusp of some wins

Former president Donald Trump made his first appearance in the capital since leaving ahead of Joe Biden's inauguration in January 2021.

Trump And Pence Both In Washington For Rival Speeches

While Trump still falsely claims the election was stolen from him a year and a half ago, Pence said, “Elections are about the future.”

With top aides testifying, Pence has Trump in the palm of his hand

Trump tried to turn Mike Pence into a right-wing pariah. Now, Team Pence may be the only thing separating the former president and his team from prison time.

Top Pence Aides Testify to Grand Jury in Jan. 6 Investigation

Marc Short, who was chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence, and Greg Jacob, a lawyer for Mr. Pence, were subpoenaed in the Justice Department’s expanding criminal inquiry.

Trump-Pence Ticket, Torn by Jan. 6, Becomes an Unequal Rivalry

Trailed by the Capitol riot fallout and 2024 speculation, the two erstwhile allies gave competing speeches that revealed the Republican Party’s enduring challenges and divisions.

Analysis | As Marc Short invokes Jan. 6 ‘massacre,’ Pence’s tightrope gets trickier

Pence aides have emerged as central players on Jan. 6, reportedly testifying to a federal grand jury. Pence himself seems content to ride the fence.

Pence: Trump and I ‘differ on focus,’ not issues

The former vice president said it was important that conservatives “don’t give way to the temptation to look back.”

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