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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2022-07-25 -- liz cheney (5), chief staff (5), 6 insurrection (5), vice president mike pence (4), the new york post (4)

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liz cheney (5), chief staff (5), 6 insurrection (5), vice president mike pence (4), the new york post (4)

Liz Cheney Snaps Back Over Implication that Capitol Police Failed

For reasons that are hard to understand, the relatively reliable Bret Baier took up Trump's tired argument as a "both sides" thing on Fox News Sunday.

GOP Pollster: If Trump Announces Pre-Midterm, Republicans Lose Congress

Republican pollster extraordinaire Frank Luntz laughably "warned" Republicans that they better not allow Trump to announce prior to 2022 because he could cost them Congress.

Trump V. DeSantis: Young Conservatives Debate GOP's Future

An invisible primary for the 2024 presidential nomination has begun to take shape, dominated at least for the moment by Trump and DeSantis.

Opinion | Harvard study helps confirm Trump's Jan. 6 guilt

A new report tying Trump to Jan. 6 is equally unsurprising and necessary.

Trump removed lines from Jan. 7 speech saying rioters did not represent ‘our movement’

Former President Trump cut lines from a Jan. 7, 2021, address condemning the rioters who entered the Capitol the day prior as not representing him or “our movement.” A draft of the speech marked up…

Sharp Contrasts With Other Jan. 6 Inquiries Increase Pressure on Garland

The continued revelations from the House select committee and the rapid pace of the Georgia investigation have left the Justice Department on the defensive.

As Jan. 6 Panel’s Evidence Piled Up, Conservative Media Doubled Down

Many of Donald J. Trump’s allies in the media believe the reports about violence and criminal conduct committed by Trump supporters have been exaggerated.

Trump didn’t want to call for Jan. 6 rioters’ prosecution, new video shows

Rep. Elaine Luria (D-Va.) released evidence Monday indicating that Trump refused to vilify the rioters who had stormed the Capitol in his name on Jan. 6, 2021.

Analysis | New Jan. 6 evidence confirms Trump’s preoccupation with one thing: Trump

Multiple new pieces of evidence show this persisted even in the days afterward -- and that it cause private consternation.

Opinion: New York Post's editorial should worry Trump

Former President Donald Trump should be concerned by a New York Post editorial saying he has proven himself to unworthy of being the nation's chief executive again, writes Dean Obeidallah. The conservative-leaning paper endorsed Trump in 2020.

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