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6, 2021 (6), steve bannon (5), overturn election (5), executive privilege (5), attack capitol (5)

Trump Trouble: 1/6 Committee States Cipollone Provided New Info On ‘Dereliction of Duty’

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit Flipboard Print Email Copy Link Like More Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony to the Committee was poised, confident, detailed, internally consistent, and consistent with the facts already established. She blew the roof off the building. But Hutchinson cannot help the fact that, at the time, she was 25 years old and held a …

Adam Kinzinger Blasts Republicans And The Media For Reinforcing Trump’s Cult

1/6 Committee member Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) said that Republicans and the media who don't want to say anything contradictory are reinforcing Trump's cult.

Steve Bannon Cracks As He Faces 2 Years In Prison And Agrees To Testify Before The 1/6 Committee

The 1/6 Committee isn't playing along with Bannon and Trump's executive privilege con, and they are not going to give Steve Bannon a public platform.

Mary Trump Explains Why Pat Cipollone Has Got Trump So Worried

Mary Trump explained that Pat Cipollone has no reason to lie or take a bullet for her uncle, and that has got Donald Trump worried.

The battleground House and Senate races where the end of Roe could have the biggest impact

The Supreme Court’s decision could help Democrats in 17 tight midterm contests.

Biden Considering Public Health Emergency To Protect Abortion Access

“Keep protesting. Keep making your point. It's critically important," the president told those angered by the Supreme Court's recent ruling.

The January 6 insurrection: Minute-by-minute

One and a half years later, the minute-by-minute horrors of the January 6 insurrection, and then-President Donald Trump's role in fomenting the violence, are still coming into focus, thanks in large part to recent public hearings from the House committee investigating the attack.

Paul Ryan ‘found himself sobbing’ during Jan. 6 attack: book

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) said he was “sobbing” as he watched the Jan 6, 2021 attack at the Capitol happen, according to a new book.  In Atlantic journalist’s Mark LeibovichR…

In Race To Face DeSantis, It’s Ms. 'Something New’ Versus Mr. Seventh Time Around

Ag Commissioner Nikki Fried is the sole statewide elected Democrat, but that may not be enough to beat former GOP Gov. Charlie Crist in the Florida primary.

Cassidy Hutchinson: Why the Jan. 6 Committee Rushed Her Testimony

Sequestered with family and security, Ms. Hutchinson, 26, has in the process developed an unlikely bond with Representative Liz Cheney, the panel’s vice chairwoman.

Biden says he’s weighing calls for public health emergency on abortion

The decision would appease some Democrats calling for such a move, but others in his administration have said it’s an unnecessary step.

Bannon, dangling possible testimony, brings new focus to Jan. 6 role

Gift ArticleShareTwo nights before supporters of President Donald Trump were set to march on the Capitol, Stephen K. Bannon was working to get the head of the Proud Boys out of jail.The leader of t...

Analysis: The big win the January 6 committee has already scored

Whether or not Donald Trump ends up facing criminal charges, the House committee probing the US Capitol insurrection has scored a critical win over the ex-President by thwarting his effort to cover up the true horror of that day of infamy.

Paul Ryan was 'sobbing' as he watched the US Capitol attack unfold, new book says

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan was "sobbing" as he watched the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol unfold on television, a new book reports.

January 6 committee members preview Tuesday's hearing on role of extremist groups in Capitol riot | CNN Politics

Members of the House select committee investigating the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol previewed on Sunday the panel's next public hearing, which will zero in on how the violent mob came together and the role of extremist groups in the deadly insurrection.

Bannon makes last-minute offer to testify to Jan. 6 committee ahead of criminal contempt trial

The offer cited an accompanying letter from former President Donald Trump purporting to “waive” executive privilege over his longtime ally's testimony.

Cipollone provided ‘a lot of relevant information,’ Jan. 6 committee member Murphy says

Former White House counsel Pat Cipollone met with the panel for more than eight hours on Friday.

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