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john eastman (22), vice president mike pence (20), to overturn election (18), the 2020 election (15), greg jacob (14)

Watch This Chilling New Video Of Trump’s Mob Targeting Mike Pence

A new video played by the 1/6 Committee revealed that Trump's mob planned to kill Mike Pence.

MAGA Nightmare: DOJ Pressures 1/6 Committee For Transcripts

Prosecutors from the Department of Justice wrote an official letter to the Select Committee stating that the Committee's failure to share transcripts from interviews is hampering Department of Justice "prosecutions" already underway.

John Eastman Assumed The Supreme Court Would Let Trump Get Away With A Coup

John Eastman knew that both plans to steal the election for loser Donald Trump were illegal, but felt comfortable that the Supreme Court would allow them to get away with it by choosing not to get involved by citing the political question doctrine.

House Select Committee to Call Ginni Thomas to Testify: She Will Not Fight the Request

We have seen a lot of unprecedented stuff in the “Trump Era” of American politics. The first violent transfer of power is the most critical, obviously. But we can now add another bizarre “first.” According to Axios, the House Select Committee (Article I branch) will call Ginni Thomas to testify about her communications with John …

Opinion | Mike Pence is not an American hero

Pence had plenty of time before Jan. 6 to come out against Trump's election fraud lies.

Why it matters that Ginni Thomas was in contact with John Eastman

While John Eastman claimed to have insights about what was going on at the Supreme Court, he was also in communication with Ginni Thomas. Hmm.

Architect of election scheme John Eastman to Rudy Giuliani: 'I should be on the pardon list'

John Eastman, the architect of Trump's 2020 election scheme, wrote to Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani requesting placement on Trump's "pardon list," according to emails made public by the Jan. 6 committee. Chuck Rosenberg explains what legal exposure Eastman may be under.

Jan. 6 Was More Harrowing Than Mike Pence Ever Imagined

An angry mob chanting “hang Mike Pence” came within 40 feet of the vice president. He spent nearly five hours in an underground loading dock. The president called him a “wimp” and worse.

Ginni Thomas’s emails with Trump lawyer add to tumult at Supreme Court

Each day seems to bring a new controversy for the court, and Thursday’s was the additional revelations about Thomas, the wife of its longest serving member, Justice Clarence Thomas.

Jan. 6 committee reveals new details about Pence’s terrifying day

Allegedly called a “wimp” by Trump, the former vice president spent much of his time during the riot sheltering in an underground parking garage in the Capitol.

Analysis | 4 takeaways from the Jan. 6 committee’s hearing on Pence

The committee drilled down on whether the plotters knew their efforts were illegal — and Pence and a top ally put a fine point on how dangerous it all was.

Analysis: Jan. 6 hearings have revealed a ton of new material. Here's a recap

The House select committee investigating the January 6, 2021, US Capitol attack has gone to great lengths to present the findings of its sprawling investigation in a succinct, digestible way. Here's everything we've learned from the panel's public hearings so far this month.

Analysis: The 16 most compelling lines from today's January 6 committee hearing

The third public hearing of the January 6 committee this month is in the books. It was heavily focused on the pressure campaign that Donald Trump brought to bear on Mike Pence to overturn the Electoral College results in advance of January 6, 2021.

Jan. 6 panel sends request to Ginni Thomas after she says she looks 'forward to talking'

House January 6 committee Chair Bennie Thompson on Thursday said the panel investigating the US Capitol attack has sent a letter to Virginia "Ginni" Thomas asking her to speak with them about her role in the effort to overturn the 2020 electoral results.

Jan. 6 panel calls Ginni Thomas to testify

Both Bennie Thompson and Liz Cheney, the select committee's chair and vice chair, agreed Thursday that it was time to bring the Supreme Court justice's wife in for questioning.

Key Trump lawyer sought presidential pardon after effort to overturn election failed

John Eastman asked Rudy Giuliani if he could be on Trump's "pardon list," according to an email the Jan. 6 panel revealed Thursday.

Tensions escalate as DOJ renews request for Jan. 6 panel transcripts

The Justice Department is calling out select committee investigators over their refusal to share full witness transcripts.

Five takeaways: Jan. 6 panel bears down on Pence pressure campaign

The House select committee investigating last year’s attack on the U.S. Capitol staged its third public hearing on Thursday, advancing its case that former President Trump had tapped the powe…

"I Want to See a Shank in Your Throat" - GOP Rep. Loudermilk Releases Audio of NUMEROUS Leftist Death Threats After Liz Cheney, Jan. 6 Committee and Media Smears

Always remember the 10 to 1 rule. For every threat made by some “rightwing” idiot, the left has made 10 to 100 times more on conservatives. On Wednesday Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) released audio of several death threats he received following the January 6 protests and riot. Laudermilk was targeted by Liz Cheney’s sham Jan.…

3 Things You Need To Know From The Third 1/6 Committee Hearing

The third 1/6 Committee hearing focused on Trump's pressure campaign against Mike Pence, and how close Pence came to being assassinated.

Trump called his vice president a "wimp" for failing to do his coup

The then-president reportedly berated Pence in a heated phone call on January 6.

Trump probably hated Jan. 6 witness Michael Luttig's testimony

The conservative judge reportedly advised Vice President Mike Pence not to go along with Trump's election schemes.

Trump, Told It Was Illegal, Still Pressured Pence to Overturn His Loss

In its third public hearing to lay out its findings, the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack showed evidence that the president knew his order to the vice president was unlawful.

Trump aides told him that using Pence to overturn election was illegal

Placeholder while article actions loadPresident Donald Trump and his aides knew that it was not legal for his vice president, Mike Pence, to attempt to thwart Joe Biden’s victory on Jan. 6, 2021, b...

8 takeaways from the January 6 hearings day 3

The House select committee investigating the Capitol insurrection on Thursday detailed how former President Donald Trump tried to pressure his vice president to join in his scheme to overturn the presidential election -- and how Mike Pence's refusal put his life in danger as rioters called for his hanging on January 6, 2021.

The Jan. 6 select committee makes a criminal referral — its own way

For all the quibbling over whether they should ask DOJ to investigate Donald Trump, panel members effectively did so on Thursday.