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in south carolina (16), nancy mace (13), in south texas (13), tom rice (12), the general election (12)

Adam Laxalt wins the Republican Senate primary in Nevada, setting up a high-stakes November fight.

Mr. Laxalt, a former attorney general of the state who was endorsed by Donald Trump, will face Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, a Democrat, in one of this year’s pivotal Senate races.

Republicans flip a Democratic-held House seat in South Texas, at least for now.

The district in the border city of Brownsville has sent Democrats to Congress for years.

Republicans collide in key primaries as Trump’s pull tested in S.C., Nev.

Tuesday’s vote across four states served as the latest checkpoint of the attitudes in the Republican Party and the ability of the former president to steer its direction.

CNN Projection: Jim Marchant, vocal proponent of election lies, will win the GOP secretary of state primary in Nevada

Jim Marchant will win the Republican nomination for secretary of state in Nevada, CNN projects.

South Carolina congressman who voted for impeachment will fall to Trump-backed challenger, while another incumbent who defied Trump will survive primary, CNN projects

South Carolina Republican voters on Tuesday split on two US House incumbents who defied former President Donald Trump, renominating Rep. Nancy Mace but souring on Rep. Tom Rice, the first of the 10 House Republicans who voted for Trump's impeachment last year to fall in a primary.

Democrat Dan Sanchez concedes in Texas congressional special election

Democrat Dan Sanchez has conceded the special election for Texas' 34th Congressional District to Republican Mayra Flores.

Trump bet on 13 candidates in Tuesday's primaries. Here's who won.

Donald Trump tried to defeat two South Carolina reps that crossed him. He managed to take down one.

Trump reshapes GOP primaries as party notches big win in House special

Rep. Tom Rice, one of the 10 House Republicans who supported impeachment, lost his bid for reelection to a Trump-endorsed opponent.

Republican Mayra Flores flips Dem House seat in South Texas

It's a continuation of recent GOP gains with Latino voters. However, she will only hold the seat until January.

Mace beats Trump-endorsed GOP challenger in South Carolina

The incumbent had a tortured relationship with the former president during the campaign.

Titus fends off progressive challenger in Nevada House primary

Incumbent Rep. Dina Titus (D-Nev.) is projected to win her primary for the state’s 1st Congressional District on Tuesday, successfully fending off a progressive challenge from Amy Vilela. The Assoc…

Laxalt wins Nevada GOP Senate primary

Former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt is projected to win the state’s GOP Senate primary on Wednesday, setting up a match-up with Sen. Catherine Cortez-Masto (D). The Associated Press ca…

Republican Mayra Flores flips House seat in Texas special election

Republican Mayra Flores on Tuesday was projected to defeat Dan Sanchez (D) in the special election for Texas’ 34th Congressional District, a traditional Democratic stronghold. The Associated Press …

Mace defeats Trump-backed primary challenger in South Carolina

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) was projected to have defeated former South Carolina state Rep. Katie Arrington on Tuesday, handing former President Donald Trump his latest high-profile primary loss. The …

Rep. Nancy Mace Beats Back Trump-Endorsed Primary Challenger

Rep. Nancy Mace defeated former state Rep. Katie Arrington in Tuesday's GOP primary contest for South Carolina's First District.

GOP Rep Who Voted To Impeach Trump Ousted By Massive Margin

South Carolina state representative Russell Fry beat incumbent Republican Rep. Tom Rice in the GOP primary Tuesday.

Joe Lombardo Projected Winner of Nevada Republican Governor Primary

Sheriff Joe Lombardo scored a relatively easy victory in the Nevada governor's race Republican primary Tuesday night.

Adam Laxalt Wins Nomination in Nevada U.S. Senate Republican Primary

Trump-endorsed Nevada U.S. Senate candidate Adam Laxalt secured the Republican nomination in a landslide victory on Tuesday.

Republican Mayra Flores Flips Texas's Blue Seat in Special Election

Mayra Flores fliped Texas’s historically Democrat-held Thirty-fourth Congressional District to Republican in Tuesday night's special election

Trump-Endorsed Russell Fry Defeats Impeachment Republican Tom Rice

Trump-backed conservative Russell Fry defeated incumbent Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC) in South Carolina's primary Tuesday evening.

FRYING THE RICE: Trump-Endorsed Russell Fry Defeats Pro-Impeachment RINO Tom Rice in South Carolina Primary

Trump-endorsed Russell Fry defeated RINO Tom Rice Tuesday night in the South Carolina primary. Fry defeated Rice with 51% of the vote and will not face a runoff for the Republican seat. Back in March, Russell Fry spoke at a ‘Save America’ rally and denounced Rep. Tom Rice for voting to impeach Donald. Fry also…

4 winners and 2 losers from the Maine, Nevada, North Dakota, and South Carolina primaries

Once again, Donald Trump’s hold on the Republican Party was on the ballot. It still seems pretty strong.

5 takeaways from Tuesday's elections in South Carolina, Nevada, Texas, Maine and North Dakota

South Carolina voters delivered the vengeance that Donald Trump had sought as they ousted Rep. Tom Rice, one of the 10 House Republicans who had voted to impeach the former President, in a primary Tuesday.

Trump takes down his first impeachment victim: 5 takeaways from a big primary night

The former president gets his revenge on a member of his own party, and Democrats lose a crucial House seat in Texas.

Five takeaways from races in Nevada, South Carolina and Texas

Voters from different sides of the country headed to the polls on Tuesday evening, lending some new insight into what to expect going into the general election in November.  Former President T…

*** Election Night Livewire *** NV, SC Test Trump, TX Signals Red Wave

Voters in several states head to the polls in primaries and in a special congressional election in Texas on Tuesday, further testing former President Donald Trump's endorsement strength.

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