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vice president mike pence (13), liz cheney (12), to get pence to overturn election results was absurd (10), ivanka trump (9), rep liz (8)

Rachel Maddow And MSNBC Trounce Fox News In 1/6 Hearing Ratings

MSNBC drew 4.3 million viewers and trounced Fox News's regular programming with 1/6 hearing coverage.

Biden Dumps Trump’s Tacky Air Force One Redesign

The Biden administration has ditched Trump's Air Force One redesign because it was too expensive and would delay delivery.

Trump’s 1/6 Hearing Meltdown Grows As He Throws Ivanka Trump Under The Bus

Donald Trump has been in full meltdown mode after night one of the 1/6 Committee hearing and has lashed out at Ivanka Trump.

Trump Is Banning People On Truth Social For Posting About 1/6 Committee Hearing

Donald Trump and his crew have been banning users who post about the 1/6 Committee hearing on Truth Social.

The January 6 hearings showed why it’s reasonable to call Trump a fascist

We now know Trump expressed support for hanging Pence and did little to stop the violence — actions that suggest some very dark historical parallels.

Opinion | The explosive evidence of the first Jan. 6 committee hearing

The committee promises to clearly link former President Donald Trump with the insurrection that nearly managed to keep him in office.

Newly disclosed emails make Ginni Thomas’ efforts look worse

We had some idea about Ginni Thomas lobbying GOP legislators to ignore voters' will. Newly disclosed emails point to an even more expansive effort.

Jan. 6 Panel Puts Focus on Cabinet Discussions About Removing Trump

Other reports verify Representative Liz Cheney’s assertion that cabinet members considered using the 25th Amendment to oust Donald Trump after the assault on the Capitol.

The Jan. 6 Hearing Put a True-Crime Drama on Prime-Time TV

The first night of the Jan. 6 hearings was serious public service, but it told an engrossing story with the tools of a limited series drama.

Trump Hits Back at Daughter’s Account That She Accepted His Election Loss

The former president, responding to videotaped testimony played at the Jan. 6 hearing, said Ivanka Trump had been “checked out” and was not involved in studying the election results.

Post Politics Now: After dramatic first night, Jan. 6 panel plans several more high-profile hearings

Meanwhile, President Biden remains in Los Angeles, where he is hosting a Summit of the Americas.

Ivanka Trump’s Jan. 6 testimony exposes family strain

The discord marks a new twist on a close father-daughter relationship that has spanned family, business and politics, exposing a rift that has opened since the 2020 election.

Analysis | Here are the witnesses we expect to testify in the Jan. 6 hearings

The first prime-time Jan. 6 congressional hearing will feature a Capitol Police officer and a documentarian who was filming the Proud Boys on the day of the attack.

Analysis | 6 takeaways from the Jan. 6 committee’s first prime-time hearing

The committee said they held former president Donald Trump directly culpable for the violence of Jan. 6.

Opinion | There’s a Reason the Watergate Hearings Were Explosive — and the Jan. 6 Hearings Won’t Be

The new information reinforced what we already knew, making it unlikely that any minds will be changed.

'Checked out': Trump rebukes Ivanka over Jan. 6 testimony

“Ivanka Trump was not involved in looking at, or studying, Election results. She had long since checked out,” Trump posted on Truth Social.

Biden nixes Trump design for Air Force One over cost, delay

President Joe Biden’s administration has scrapped former President Donald Trump’s red, white and blue design for the new generation of presidential aircraft after an Air Force review suggested it would raise costs and delay the delivery of the new jets

Giuliani hit with ethics charge by DC Bar over false election fraud claims

Rudy Giuliani was hit with an ethics charge by the Washington, D.C., Office of Disciplinary Counsel on Friday over his promotion of baseless claims about fraud in the 2020 presidential election bef…

Prime-Time Hearing Paints Sobering Picture of Attempted Coup | RealClearPolitics

The Jan. 6 Committee hearing Thursday night broke new and terrifying ground that started to show with pictures, videos, testimony, and an indisputable...

Carl Bernstein claims no denials among 21 GOP senators he listed as Trump haters — but there were

Watergate sleuth Carl Bernstein falsely claimed Friday that there were no denials among the 21 Republican senators he claimed in 2021 had privately expressed "extreme contempt" for former President Donald Trump.

Ex-Trump White House official 'can confirm' president agreed Pence deserved hanging

A onetime aide to former President Donald Trump corroborated an allegation by the Jan. 6 committee that her boss expressed approval of calls for his vice president, Mike Pence, to be hanged for not tossing out electoral votes for President-elect Joe Biden.

Trump Issues Forceful Response to Primetime Jan. 6 Hearing: 'Our Country Is in Such Trouble'

Former President Donald Trump did not hold back in his response to a hearing by the House panel investigating the Capitol incursion.

At Least 20 Million People Watched The 1/6 Committee Hearing Just 3 Million Watched Fox News

Early ratings data reveals that at least 20 million people watched the 1/6 Committee hearing. Just 3 million Americans watched Fox News.

Rep. Liz Cheney tells Americans why Jan. 6 should terrify them

These hearings could mark the pinnacle of Cheney’s political career or the end of it.

Pence’s legal team found election fraud claims minor, unverifiable before Jan. 6

The legal team of former Vice President Mike Pence found allegations of election fraud either unverifiable or minor in a memo issued just days before a mob stormed the Capitol and tried to stop Con…

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