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state sen (19), in north carolina’s (16), chuck edwards (16), the general election (15), sen chuck (15)

Madison Cawthorn Booted From Congress As He Loses GOP Primary

Rep. Madison Cawthorn has been defeated by state senator Chuck Edwards to win the Republican House nomination for North Carolina district 11.

Trump Considers Liz Cheney His Biggest Adversary Which Means She Could Destroy Him

Trump considers Cheney his biggest adversary, which is to say he recognizes that she might be the one most able to destroy him.

John Fetterman Crushes Conor Lamb To Win Pennsylvania Senate Primary

Lt. Gov. John Fetterman got good news from his hospital bed as he scored a decisive primary victory to win the Democratic PA US Senate nomination.

Senator Chris Murphy Calls on GOP to Condemn White Nationalist "Great Replacement" Theory

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) has called on the Republican Party to condemn the white nationalist "Great Replacement" conspiracy theory in the aftermath of a mass shooting that took place at a Buffalo, New York supermarket over the weekend.

Idaho Gov. Brad Little Defeats His Own Lieutenant Gov In Contentious Primary

Little and Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin frequently feuded over the role of government. Last year she twice attempted a power grab when he was out of state on business.

Before Massacre Began, Suspect Invited Others to Review His Plan

The man accused of killing 10 people at a Buffalo supermarket permitted a small group to join his private chatroom about 30 minutes before the massacre.

U.S. Gun Production Triples Since 2000, Fueled by Handgun Purchases

The A.T.F. released a trove of gun manufacturing data on Tuesday, the first comprehensive survey of firearms commerce data in decades.

Attack hits local Black publications hard, taking one of their own.

And Mayor Brown, you’ve been — you’ve been wonderful. Thank you. And I know this is a lot of — when a vice-presidential or a presidential trip shows up, it’s — there’s all kinds of paraphernalia an...

Midterm primaries: Scandal-plagued Rep. Cawthorn loses in N.C. GOP primary

Voters picked nominees in some of the most consequential primaries of the year, signaling the direction of both parties and revealing more about the strength of the hold that former president Donald Trump retains over Republicans.

Democrats pick John Fetterman for Senate in Pennsylvania

It’s a chance for Democrats to find out whether they can arrest the building red wave and their declining White working-class support with a candidate who doesn’t fit easily into any partisan box.

Trump-backed 2020 election denier wins GOP primary for Pennsylvania governor

Doug Mastriano, a leading voice advancing former President Donald Trump's lies about election fraud, will win the crowded Republican primary for Pennsylvania governor, CNN projects.

Rep. Madison Cawthorn concedes to Chuck Edwards in GOP primary for North Carolina seat

Rep. Madison Cawthorn conceded his race in the GOP primary for North Carolina's 11th District to opponent Chuck Edwards in a phone call, Cawthorn spokesperson Luke Ball said.

How Trump-backed candidates fared on the busiest primary day

The former president's endorsement record Tuesday was mixed. While state Sen. Doug Mastriano won in Pennsylvania, elsewhere several other Trump favorites fell short.

McCormick and Oz neck-and-neck in Pennsylvania as Fetterman gets Dem Senate nod

Pennsylvania and North Carolina's Senate races lead a five-state slate of primaries Tuesday, while Rep. Madison Cawthorn lost his bid for a second term.

Cawthorn loses primary in North Carolina

The controversial Republican was defeated by state Sen. Chuck Edwards.

Governor’s races spoil Trump’s once-unblemished endorsement record

Former President Trump’s once-unblemished record of exercising his influence over Republican primary voters has run into a rough patch with voters who are picking nominees in gubernatorial contests…

Winners and losers from Tuesday’s primaries

Tuesday was the most dramatic primary night so far this election cycle.  High-profile battles were fought in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, while voters in Idaho, Kentucky and Oregon also we…

Five takeaways from the Pennsylvania, North Carolina primaries

Key nominating contests in Pennsylvania and Oregon headed into Wednesday morning without any clear resolution.  But the May 17 primaries in five states offered some valuable clues about where …

Finland and Sweden submit NATO applications

Finland and Sweden both submitted their applications to join NATO, Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on Wednesday.

Trump-aligned mayor secures GOP nomination in North Carolina's 1st District

Sandy Smith has secured the Republican nomination in North Carolina's 1st District for the second election cycle in a row, emerging from a crowded primary as she competes for the district's first open seat since 1994.

Idaho Gov. Brad Little beats Trump-backed Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin for GOP nod

Gov. Brad Little has won Idaho’s Republican gubernatorial primary, beating a challenge from his own lieutenant governor, Janice McGeachin.

DOJ sues Steve Wynn, accuses casino magnate of lobbying Trump for China

The Justice Department sued casino magnate Steve Wynn on Tuesday in an attempt to force him to register as a foreign agent for lobbying former President Donald Trump on behalf of China, according to the agency.

Madison Cawthorn Concedes Primary Against GOP State Sen. Chuck Edwards

Republican North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn conceded defeat in Tuesday's Republican primary after state Sen. Chuck Edwards defeated him in Tuesday's race.

Dr. Mehmet Oz: 'I am Confident We Will Win' in Pennsylvania

Mehmet Oz rallied supporters late Tuesday night as the results of the Pennsylvania Republican Party Senate primary were too close to call.

PA Senate Candidate Kathy Barnette: 'We Have Put Up a Good Fight'

Barnette did not deliver a concession speech after trailing McCormick and Oz, but she thanked her staff for putting up a "good fight."

Doug Mastriano Wins Pennsylvania Republican Gubernatorial Primary

Pennsylvania state Sen. Doug Mastriano, endorsed by former President Trump days ago, has won the state's Republican gubernatorial primary.

Chuck Edwards Unseats Madison Cawthorn in North Carolina's 11 District

North Carolina State Sen. Chuck Edwards (R) unseated Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) in the state's 11th congressional district primary. 

Elon Musk Announces He Will Vote Republican For the First Time Ever After Years of Voting Democrat

It’s official, Elon Musk is done voting for Democrats. Thanks to the party’s embrace of destructive policies and authoritarian ideologies, the long-time registered Independent announced his intentions to vote Republican for the first time. In an interview on the “All-In Podcast” on Monday, Musk explained that he views himself as “neither a Republican nor a…

Doug Mastriano Wins GOP Primary for Pennsylvania Governor

President Trump endorsed Senator Doug Mastriano for Governor of Pennsylvania on Saturday. — Doug Mastriano (@dougmastriano) May 14, 2022 Trump said in his press release — There is no one in Pennsylvania who has done more, or fought harder, for Election Integrity than State Senator Doug Mastriano. Mastriano led the election fraud investigations in…

Biden Immediately Gives A Powerful Endorsement To John Fetterman

President Biden has immediately and full-throatedly endorsed John Fetterman to be the next US senator from Pennsylvania.

2 winners and 2 losers from the Pennsylvania and North Carolina primaries

The takeaways from the biggest primary night yet were anything but clear.

Madison Cawthorn loses primary after wave of scandals, 'orgy' claim

Even with Trump's endorsement, the North Carolina lawmaker's re-election bid was unable to survive attacks from his own party and multiple salacious leaks.

Biden, Calling on Americans to ‘Take on the Haters,’ Condemns Racist Rhetoric After Buffalo Massacre

The challenge for a president who came to office preaching unity may be how to take on those preaching hate.

Victories by Mastriano, Budd show potency of Trump’s false stolen election claims in GOP

In key contests, Republicans aligned with Trump or his false claims of a stolen 2020 election seized momentum in the final days.

Oz and McCormick locked in tight race in high-stakes Pennsylvania GOP primary that could shape control of the Senate | CNN Politics

The Republican primary for Pennsylvania's US Senate race, which could be key to determining control of the chamber in November, was too close to call early Wednesday as Mehmet Oz and Dave McCormick battled for the top spot with thousands of mail-in ballots still to be counted.

'Beware what you wish for': 5 takeaways from a key primary night

Mastriano rises, Cawthorn falls and progressives are back in business.

Blurry ballot barcodes delay results in Oregon's 5th Congressional District race

A ballot printing error in Oregon's third-largest county could delay the results of a key congressional primary race for days.

*** Election Night Livewire *** Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Kentucky, Idaho, Oregon Vote in Contentious Primaries

Voters in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Kentucky, Idaho, and Oregon all head to the polls Tuesday to select their nominees in both GOP and Democrat primaries in what is thus far this year perhaps the biggest election night yet. | Politics

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