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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2022-05-12 -- roe wade (11), abortion rights (9), overturn roe v (7), supreme court justices (5), opinion overturning roe (5)

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roe wade (11), abortion rights (9), overturn roe v (7), supreme court justices (5), opinion overturning roe (5)

Bill to Guarantee Abortion Rights Fails in Senate

Republicans used a filibuster to thwart the bill, but Democrats hoped the high-profile failure of their legislation would help them at the polls in November.

We Will Not Forget: Republicans And Joe Manchin Block Bill To Codify Abortion Rights

Senate Republicans and Democrat Joe Manchin teamed up to block the advancement of legislation that would federally codify abortion rights.

Jim Jordan Appears To Suggest Inciting A Mob At Justice Sotomayor’s House

1/6 revealed that Jim Jordan has some experience inciting and supporting attacks on the government, so his tweet about Justice Sotomayor could be viewed as a threat.

The Senate’s doomed vote on abortion rights, explained

Why the Senate voted on an abortion rights bill that was guaranteed to fail.

The prospects for restoring Roe

The outlook is grim in the short term. But there are three possible paths over the longer term.

Joe Biden Declares Trump ‘The Great MAGA King’

President Biden declared Former President Donald Trump "the great MAGA king" during a speech at the 40th annual IBEW in Chicago Wednesday.

The Supreme Court is suddenly leaking like a sieve — and it's truly stunning

There are occasional peeks behind the Supreme Court’s curtain, but three leaks in nine days about a historically significant pending case is extraordinary.

The GOP waged a racist smear campaign against Lisa Cook. It failed.

Republicans waged a racist smear campaign to depict Cook as an "unqualified" hire and derail her nomination. They failed.

A Leaky Supreme Court Starts to Resemble the Other Branches

The disclosure of a draft opinion that would overrule Roe v. Wade, legal experts said, was evidence that the court is not much different from other Washington institutions.

Leftists Furious as Democrats' Abortion Bill Gets Torpedoed by Joe Manchin

The bill would have outlawed several pro-life protections and trampled the religious freedoms of doctors nationwide.

John Eastman Pressed Pennsylvania Legislator to Throw Out Biden Votes

The lawyer argued that mail ballots in Pennsylvania in the 2020 election could be culled in a way that would reverse President Donald J. Trump’s defeat in an electorally critical state.

Analysis | As Senate became more polarized, messaging votes lost their power

For the vast majority of Republican senators, voting against abortion rights on Wednesday served as a political win in states that have skewed so conservative that their only fear is of losing a GOP primary.

SCOTUS Justices To Meet For 1st Time Since Roe Draft Leak

The draft opinion, written by Justice Samuel Alito, would overturn Roe v. Wade and restrict abortion rights in many states.

Biden's personal recovery plan: Pump up unions, squeeze Big Business

The president is hoping his political fate — and the Democrats’ standing among the white working class — can be saved by lifting up organized labor.

'The great MAGA king': Biden sharpens midterm attacks

In a trip to the Midwest, the president laid into his predecessor and said the GOP has a “radical agenda.”

Senate fails to pass abortion rights bill — again

The largely symbolic vote to codify abortion protections didn't even garner a simple Senate majority, falling on the same lines a previous bill did in February.

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