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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2022-04-14 -- 14, 2022 (5), war ukraine (4), ukrainian officials (4), russia’s invasion of ukraine (4), russian forces (4)

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14, 2022 (5), war ukraine (4), ukrainian officials (4), russia’s invasion of ukraine (4), russian forces (4)

Russian troops advance to Mariupol’s center and seize a factory held by Ukrainians.

It would also give a lift to Ukrainian hopes, while demonstrating the defenders’ homegrown technological capacity and exposing an embarrassing weakness in the Russian navy’s antimissile defenses.Mo...

What Russia’s war means for the International Space Station

Can the US and Russia still collaborate in space?

Forced Into A Basement In Ukraine, Residents Began To Die

Residents of the Ukrainian village of Yahidne recalled they were forced to remain in a school basement day and night, in interviews with The Associated Press.

Ukraine's Detention Of Putin-Friendly Oligarch Angers Moscow

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has proposed that Russia could get back Viktor Medvedchuk in return for freeing Ukrainians now held captive.

Biden considers deploying an envoy to Ukraine

President Joe Biden and his aides are deliberating whether he should send a senior administration official or delegation to Ukraine as a show of support amid the Russian invasion.

Russia's Moskva Warship Sinks Into Black Sea After Ukrainian Attack

The loss of the Russian navy's flagship is a devastating symbolic defeat for Moscow.

Kremlin crackdown silences war protests, from benign to bold

Hundreds of Russians are facing charges for speaking out against the war in Ukraine since a law was passed last month that criminalizes the spread of “false information” about the invasion and disparaging the military

Biden Says Admin Is Deciding ‘Now’ On Sending Senior US Official To Ukraine

President Joe Biden said Thursday that the administration is in the midst of deciding whether to send a senior U.S. official to Ukraine.

Biden says he's deciding on whether to send a senior administration official to Ukraine

President Joe Biden said Thursday he was still working with his team to determine whether he should dispatch a senior member of his administration to Ukraine, a potentially dramatic show of support for the nation as it comes under attack from Russia.

Russian Warship Catches Fire and Explodes on the Black Sea - No One Really Knows What Happened

A Russian warship reportedly caught fire and exploded while guarding the Ukrainian coast on the Black Sea.  American Military News reports: Russia’s Moskva flagship missile cruiser incurred heavy damage from an explosion and a “fire” on board late Wednesday and Ukrainian officials are saying they fired missiles at the Russian cruiser. Odesa Regional Military Administration…

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