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remain power (16), president joe biden (15), war ukraine (14), regime change (13), biden said (13)

DC Trucker Convoy Defeated By National Cherry Blossom Festival

The DC trucker convoy is spending the weekend of the National Cherry Blossom Festival yelling at flower-loving passers-by about freedom.

Biden Drops The Hammer On Putin: "Ukraine Will Never Be A Victory For Russia"

An emotional President Joe Biden declared in Warsaw, Poland that Ukraine will never be a victory for Russia.

Biden Ends Speech In Poland By Calling For Putin's Removal

President Joe Biden visited Poland's capital on Saturday to speak with refugees who've been displaced amid Russia's attack on Ukraine.

Russian Rocket Attacks Hit Ukraine's Lviv As Biden Visits Poland

Russian rockets struck the western Ukrainian city of Lviv while President Joe Biden visited neighboring Poland.

Biden Tells Poland: 'Your Freedom Is Ours'

Joe Biden sought to reassure Poland that the United States would defend the country against any attacks from Russia.

Biden calls Russia's war in Ukraine a 'strategic failure'

During his address in Warsaw, President Biden commends Ukraine for their resistance during the Russia invasion, and says, "Russian forces have met their match." He said, "this war has already been a strategic failure for Russia."

The Making of Vladimir Putin

Tracing Putin’s 22-year slide from statesman to tyrant.

Biden denounces Russian invasion, casting it as part of a decades-long attempt to crush democracies.

Speaking in Warsaw, President Biden described Vladimir V. Putin as a tyrant with “a craving for absolute power and control.”

Biden’s Barbed Remark About Putin: A Slip or a Veiled Threat?

The conclusion of Mr. Biden’s speech on Saturday was a reminder of how precarious diplomacy can be when bombs are already dropping.

Zelensky renews his call for planes and tanks from NATO.

Mr. Zelensky said he had spoken with the Polish president, Andrzej Duda, and that his ministers of defense and foreign affairs had met with officials from the United States, including President Bid...

Rockets strike Lviv indicating Russia’s unrelenting barrage

At least five were injured as Russia increased its offensive on a day when President Biden was delivering a forceful speech on democracy in neighboring Poland.

It's 2 p.m. in Kyiv. Here's what you need to know

Ukraine has reclaimed several villages from Russian forces in a series of counterattacks, including to the east of Kharkiv and northwest of Mariupol, after Russian missiles struck the western city of Lviv on Saturday.

Analysis: Ukrainians disrupt and derail Russian offensive as war moves to new phase

Just over a month after the first ballistic missiles slammed into Kyiv's international airport, the Russian campaign has been disrupted and derailed by stubborn Ukrainian resistance -- and in the last few days by agile Ukrainian counterattacks on several fronts.

Biden says Putin "cannot remain in power," but White House says it's not call for regime change

US President Joe Biden declared forcefully Saturday that Russian President Vladimir Putin "cannot remain in power," but the White House said afterward that it was not a call for regime change.

Biden’s trip to Europe: A triumph, a walk back, and no clearer end game

The president has delivered sanctions and aid and a united West. Still, a possible resolution to the confrontation remained hard to define after a three day trip to Europe.

‘The Dots Were All There. We Just Couldn’t Connect Them.’

One of the last American journalists in Moscow recounts how she — and her dog — escaped Russia as Putin’s new iron curtain fell.

Biden, off the cuff, says Putin 'cannot remain in power'

The president delivered a speech on the Russia-Ukraine conflict in Poland Saturday, defending NATO and assailing Vladimir Putin for the invasion.

U.S. ambassador to NATO: No policy of 'regime change' in Russia

But Julianne Smith said Vladimir Putin "cannot be empowered to wage war."

US-backed group gets lifesaving meds to Ukrainians amid war

Thousands of patients in Ukraine are receiving lifesaving medicines to treat HIV and opioid addiction through a U.S.-funded group still operating amid the Russian invasion

US Intends To Give Additional Funding To Ukraine

In the wake of Russia’s continuing war in Ukraine, the U.S. State Department plans to give $100 million to the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Biden Admits Food Shortages Are Coming After His Sanctions Backfire

Biden has finally acknowledged that his severe sanctions on Russia will come at a high price for the American people as well.

At the Edge of Kyiv, Ukrainians Show Off Their Counteroffensive

Destroyed tanks and body parts are all that are left of a Russian advance, part of the larger battle to block the invaders’ attempt to enter or encircle the capital.

Biden's off-the-cuff remark on Putin sends shock waves on dramatic final day of trip

At nearly the same moment President Joe Biden declared him a "butcher," Vladimir Putin's missiles began falling in Lviv, Ukraine.

The hard truth behind Biden’s cyber warnings

Hackers from Russia and elsewhere have repeatedly breached companies and agencies critical to the nation's welfare. "We should consider every sector vulnerable,” one of the president's top cyber aides says.

GOP senator: Biden's Putin comment 'a horrendous gaffe'

Sen. James Risch (R-Idaho) on Sunday said President Biden’s comment that Russian President Vladimir Putin should not remain in power was “a horrendous gaffe.”

White House Immediately Walks Back Closing Statement of Biden's Poland Speech

President Joe Biden used the world stage for one of his biggest gaffes to date: a remark about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In Poland, Joe Biden Demands Vladimir Putin Be Removed from Power

President Joe Biden demanded that Russian President Vladimir Putin be removed from power in a dramatic speech in Warsaw, Poland on Saturday.

Joe Biden's Clean-Up Crew Jumps into Action, Walks Back His Remarks that Putin Cannot Remain in Power

Joe Biden traveled to the US Ukrainian border this weekend in what his handlers thought would be a good idea to show support for the Ukrainian people. Instead, the creepy old man groped young girls and almost ignited World War III. Joe Biden told an audience in Poland, “For God’s sake this man cannot remain…

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