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invasion ukraine (19), ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky (17), russian forces (14), war ukraine (13), ukrainian forces (12)

Neutral Switzerland Poised To Join EU Sanctions Against Russia

Switzerland is poised to take the unprecedented step of joining the EU sanctions against Russia.

The Backlash Grows Against Putin As BP Dumps Ownership In Russian Oil Firm Rosneft

BP is selling its 19.75% stake in Rosneft, the Russian state-owned oil company due to the Ukraine invasion.

Donald Trump Jr. Tries To Convince America That Putin Feared Trump

Donald Trump Jr. claimed that Putin didn't invade Ukraine when his dad was president because he was afraid of him.

Tom Cotton Falls Apart And Repeatedly Refuses To Condemn Trump’s Putin Praise

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) was asked multiple times on Sunday to condemn Trump's praise of Putin and he refused.

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, explained

Putin declared a "special military operation" in Ukraine. Now, Europe is witnessing its first major war in decades.

How to think about the risk of nuclear war, according to 3 experts

The threat of nuclear weapons never went away. But Putin’s invasion of Ukraine makes it visible again.

A "no-fly zone" in Ukraine is a catastrophically bad idea

The West can’t treat Putin like he’s Saddam Hussein.

Putin Puts Russia's Nuclear Forces On High Alert

Amid the mounting tensions, Ukraine announced that a delegation from the country had agreed to meet with Russian officials for talks.

Russians Continue Anti-War Rallies Despite Protesters' Arrests

Hundreds of demonstrators have been arrested each day by Russian police since the invasion of Ukraine started Thursday.

Fighting Breaks Out In Ukraine's Second-Largest City

Until Sunday, Russia’s troops had remained on the outskirts of Kharkiv, a city of 1.4 million about 12.4 miles south of the border with Russia.

In Foreign Policy U-Turn, Germany Ups Military Spending and Arms Ukraine

Germany agrees to strengthen its military in the latest foreign policy about-face amid pressure from allies and horror at Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

Once Sleepy and Picturesque, Ukrainian Villages Mobilize for War

While Russian assaults on Ukrainian cities have drawn most of the attention in the war’s early days, civilians in country towns have joined the fight, putting aside the routines of daily village life.

Putin Declares a Nuclear Alert, and Biden Seeks De-escalation

When the Russian leader ordered his nuclear forces into “special combat readiness,” the U.S. could have gone on high alert. Instead, the administration tried not to inflame him.

‘Ukrainian People Don’t Give Up Hope’: U.S. Rallies Express Solidarity

At events in Washington, Chicago, Boston and other cities on Sunday, demonstrators expressed their love for the country, anger at Vladimir Putin and hope for peace.

Historic sanctions on Russia had roots in emotional appeal from Zelensky

A video call by the Ukrainian wartime leader prompted jaded European leaders to act.

February 27, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news

The two sides agree to meet at the Belarus border Monday, Ukrainian President Zelensky's office says, as Russian President Putin put nuclear forces on alert. Follow here for live news updates from the ground in Ukraine.

Is the Ukraine-Russia meeting a path forward or political sideshow? | CNN

The stage was set for a meeting between Russia and Ukraine Monday on the Ukrainian-Belarusian border, near the Pripyat River.

Putin puts Russian nuclear forces on high alert

Russian leader complains about Western response to his invasion of Ukraine.

Kyiv’s mayor: ‘We are encircled’ but full of fight

“We show our character, our knowledge, our values," Vitali Klitschko said.

MacGregor: U.S. Should "Stop Shipping Weapons And Stop Encouraging Ukrainians To Die In A Hopeless Endeavor"

Retired Col. Doug MacGregor said Sunday on FOX News about the Ukrain-Russia war: TREY GOWDY: why do you think that Putin is doing this? What is his end game? COL. DOUG MACGREGOR: Well, Vladimir Putin is carrying through on something he has been warning us about at least for the last 15 finally years, which is he will not tolerate U.S. forces or missiles on his borders. Much as we would not tolerate Russian missiles or troops in Cuba. And we ignored him and he finally acted. He was not going to allow Ukraine, under any circumstances, to join NATO. What is now happening is the battle in Eastern Ukraine is really almost over, all the Ukrainian troops there have been largely surrounded and cut off, you have a concentration down in the southeast of 30 to 40,000 of them, and if they don't surrender in next 48 hours, I suspect the Russians will ultimately annihilate them. That's why Zelensy is meeting with Putin's representatives right now. The game is over. And he's going t have to negotiate the best deal he can get. And we've already told him, the president of the U.S., said that if he opts for neutrality for Ukraine, we will back him. And I think Vladimir Putin will do that for Western Ukraine. That is Ukraine beyond the Dnieper river, but behind it in the East, I'm not sure what he has planned there, whether he forms another republic [or] annexes it into Russia. Because the territory in the west of Ukraine is not, he knows that, and he is happy to live with that as a neutral state. TREY GOWDY: I am not a military expert. I'm not even an expert on geography, but if he takes Ukraine [next to] Poland, he has a NATO country on his border. If that's what he doesn't want, isn't he just going to have to keep going until he runs out of NATO countries? MACGREGOR: I should say agin, he has no interest in crossing the Dnieper and heding west of the Polish border. I think you'll find in these negotiations he is quite willing to neutralize that territory on the Austrian or Finnish model. Right now Russia already touches Estonia and part of Latvia, and White Russia [Belarus] touches Lithuania. His army is too small for that purpose and he knows it. So this is not something he is looking for. We're imputing to him things he does not want to do in our usual effort to demonize him and his country. We need to remember that Ukraine is fourth from the bottom of 158 countries in the in world, at corruption. Russia is 3 or 4 places above them. This is not the liberal democracy, the shining example that everyone says it is, far from it. Mr. Zelensky has jailed journalists and his political opposition. I think we need to stay out of it. The American people think we should stay out of it, the Europeans think we should stay out of it, and we should stop shipping weapons and encouraging Ukrainians to die in what is a hopeless endeavor. TREY GOWDY: You say no sanctions or military aid, just let Russia take that portion of Ukraine that they want to take? DOUG MACGREGOR: Yes. Absolutely. I see no reason why we should fight with the Russians over something they have been talking about for years, we chose to ignore it more importantly, the population there is indistinguishable from their own. You know, the thing that is so disturbing, on one hand, we'll not send our forces to fight. But we're urging Ukrainians to die pointlessly in a fight they can't win. We're going to create a far worse humanitarian disaster if this does not stop.

Europe stares down Putin’s nuclear threat: ‘Everything is on the table right now’

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s open threat to use nuclear weapons against NATO allies supporting Ukraine appears to European officials to be a watershed in high-stakes brinkmanship that could foreshadow a new level of carnage in Ukraine.

'Hannity' on explosions in Kyiv

Sean Hannity welcomed guests Marco Rubio, Michael Waltz, Bryan Stern and Mark Meadows

Tucker: Russia-Ukraine conflict could become a world war

Tucker Carlson welcomed guests Glenn Greenwald, Elbridge Colby, Daniel Davis, Tulsi Gabbard, Shlomo Rosilio, Matthew Williams, Erik Prince, Ned Ryun, Joe Kent, Clint Ehrlich and Douglas Macgregor

‘What I’ve Seen Is Not Leadership’: Donald Trump Jr. Rips Biden’s Handling Of Ukraine Crisis

Donald Trump Jr. ripped President Joe Biden's leadership regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine at CPAC on Sunday.

Tennis Star 'Proud to Be Ukrainian,' Enlists in Fight Against Russia

A Ukrainian athlete is willing to risk everything for his country, leaving behind his tennis racquet to fight against Russia.

Gingrich Predicts 'End of the Post-World War II System' -- 'We’re Going to See a Much More Violent World'

During an interview that aired Sunday on New York WABC 770 AM radio's "The Cats Roundtable," former House Speaker Newt Gingrich predicted that Russia ramping up aggression toward Ukraine means "the end of the post-World War II system." | Clips

Ukrainian President Zelensky Agrees to Meet with Russian Delegation on Ukrainian-Belrusian Border

Greg Kelly graphic Ukrainian President Zelensky agreed to meet with a Russian delegation on the Ukrainian-Belrusian border. Belarus allowed Russian President Putin to launch his attack on Ukraine from inside their country. From President Zelensky’s Facebook page. Belarus tyrant Alexander Lukashenko called Vladimir Zelensky earlier today. Politicians have agreed that the Ukrainian delegation will meet…

"We Are Still Buying Crude Oil from Putin. We Are Wiring Him Money Every Day" - American Billionaire John Catsimatidis

American billionaire John Catsimatidis shared on FOX Business on Friday that under the Biden Administration, “We are being lied to every day”. FOX Business reports: John Catsimatidis, the billionaire owner and CEO of New York City supermarket chain Gristedes, who is also in the oil industry, reacted to U.S. President Biden continuing to buy oil from Russian…

Adam Schiff Nails Trump For Getting Ukrainians Killed By Withholding Military Aid

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) drilled Trump by pointing out that the former president got Ukrainians killed by withholding military aid.

Putin’s baffling war strategy

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine isn’t going as he planned. Here’s why.

EU Shuts Airspace To Russian Airlines, Will Buy Ukraine Arms

The European Union is closing its airspace to Russian airlines, and spending hundreds of millions of dollars to supply weapons to Ukraine.

What Happened on Day 4 of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Fierce Ukrainian resistance continued to keep Russian forces from gaining control of key cities. World opposition to the Russian invasion hardened, with the E.U. banning Russian aircraft from its airspace.

Putin puts Russian nuclear forces on alert as Ukrainian civilian deaths mount

Global governments moved to isolate Russia economically but fears of nuclear brinksmanship increased. An onslaught of Russian tanks and assault vehicles captured on video storming toward the capital, Kyiv, has triggered fears of further bloodshed as the humanitarian crisis of Ukrainians fleeing to neighboring countries grew.

White House responds to Russia's decision to put deterrence forces on high alert | CNN Politics

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Sunday that Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to put Russia's deterrence forces, which includes nuclear arms, on high alert are part of a wider pattern of unprovoked escalation and "manufactured threats" from the Kremlin.

Behind the push to freeze Moscow’s foreign cash

Ahead of the latest sanctions, Canada’s Chrystia Freeland worked with her Ukrainian counterparts to win over skeptics.

As war rages, Russia and Ukraine agree to talks

Fourth day of Russian attack marked by fierce fighting and new EU sanctions.

Protesters against Russia's war on Ukraine rally at White House and Russian Embassy in DC

Demonstrations were held in Washington, D.C., in support of Ukraine on the fourth day of Russia's assault on the country.

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