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president joe biden (12), joe biden said (12), vice president kamala harris (10), ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky (10), the cold war (9)

The increasingly complicated Russia-Ukraine crisis, explained

How the world got here, what Russia wants, and more questions, answered.

In Ukraine Crisis, the Looming Threat of a New Cold War

If he invades, President Vladimir V. Putin is inviting a new global struggle with the West. He should think about how the last one ended, analysts say.

Why Ukraine Matters: What to Know About the Crisis With Russia

Here’s how the country ended up at the center of a global crisis.

Many fleeing from Ukraine’s separatist regions to Russia blame Kyiv for the intensifying conflict.

Russia has been laying groundwork online for a ‘false flag’ operation, misinformation researchers say.ImageA neighborhood in Ukraine’s Donbas region, close to the front line between government forc...

Putin’s Baseless Claims of Genocide Hint at More Than War

The invocations serve to justify not just Moscow’s actions in Ukraine, but also its wider quest for a new imperial identity rooted in Russian ethnicity.

Separatist leader orders general mobilization as Western nations warn of Russia staging incidents

The leader of pro-Russian separatists in the breakaway state of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, Denis Pushilin, ordered a general mobilization on Saturday.

Harris says US 'stands with Ukraine' while warning Russia of 'swift, severe and united' consequences

Vice President Kamala Harris on Saturday vowed there would be a "swift, severe and united" response if Russia invades Ukraine and assured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky the US "stands with Ukraine."

Why Donbas is at the heart of the Ukraine crisis

Even as Russian forces mass on Ukraine's border, the spotlight this week has swung back to the rumbling low-intensity war in eastern Ukraine and its possible role in setting the stage for a broader conflict.

Despite years of preparation, Ukraine’s electric grid still an easy target for Russian hackers

Portions of Ukraine’s electric system went dark following two Russian cyberattacks in recent years. Efforts to strengthen the grid in the years since likely won’t be enough to fend off Russian hackers.

Biden says he believes Putin has decided to invade Ukraine

The president's strongest public comments yet come as Russia, which denies plans to attack, has begun amplifying alleged grievances with Kyiv.

Von der Leyen: Europe’s winter will be fine without Russian gas

Russian gas can be replaced by LNG, she says.

EU chief: Russia could be cut off from markets, tech goods

A top European Union official says Russia would have its access to financial markets and high-tech goods limited under Western sanctions being prepared in case it attacks Ukraine

USDA head: US farmers to help if Ukraine exports threatened

The U.S. secretary of agriculture says that a Russian invasion of Ukraine offers American farmers a chance to boost production and prevent supply chain problems

Harris: Allies will impose 'unprecedented' costs on Russia if it invades Ukraine

Vice President Harris in a speech at the Munich Security Conference Saturday sought to convey utter unity among the United States and its allies in imposing harsh costs on Russia should it choose to invade Ukraine.  

Jeffrey Epstein associate found dead in French prison cell

A known friend and associate of Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew was found dead in a French prison cell overnight.

Zelensky presses Harris for aid as Biden warns Ukraine on the brink of invasion

MUNICH — Ukraine’s leader asked Vice President Kamala Harris to push for military support as the White House warns an assault on Kyiv could be imminent.

Harris warns Russia in Munich address

MUNICH — Vice President Kamala Harris used the pulpit of a defense conference where world leaders gathered to warn Russia that it will face dire economic consequences and an increased presence of Western forces if it attacks Ukraine.

US Intel Has Given Biden The Edge As He Says Putin Has Decided To Invade Ukraine

President Biden is using US intelligence capabilities to determine that Putin has decided to invade Ukraine.

Putin Oversees Missile Tests Amid Rising Tensions Over Ukraine

Ballistic and cruise missiles struck sea and land-based targets as part of the strategic nuclear exercises.

Put Sanctions on Russia Now, Ukraine’s Leader Urges West

“What are you waiting for?” President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine asked Western leaders in Munich, as Russian-backed rebels urged people to evacuate and shelling escalated in eastern Ukraine.

Russian military build-up continues, despite Moscow’s promises of a drawdown

A massive joint exercise in Belarus was due to end this weekend. But now officials say those tanks and troops are staying put.

Western leaders implore Putin to step back from ‘real’ risk of war

The remarks come hours after U.S. President Joe Biden revealed he was ‘convinced’ the Russian president had ‘made the decision’ to invade Ukraine.

Zelensky meets with Harris: Ukraine army 'defending all of Europe'

Vice President Harris met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference in Germany, where she reiterated U.S. support for Ukraine as tensions with Russia continue to mount. 

Michigan woman turning 100 adds another tattoo

ST. JOSEPH, Michigan (AP) — A Michigan woman soon will celebrate a milestone birthday. How old? Look at her decorative upper arm.

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