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mike pence's former chief of staff (7), vice president mike pence (5), to seize voting machines (5), phil waldron (5), 6, 2021 (5)

Second draft order by Trump advisers sought to ask DHS to seize voting machines: report

Advisers to former President Trump drafted another version of an executive order that would have directed the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to seize voting machines, CNN reported on Monday, citing multiple sources.

Some Trump Documents Given To Jan. 6 Committee Had Been Torn Up

The National Archives received the papers at the end of the Trump administration and handed them over to lawmakers for their inquiry into the Capitol riot.

'Low Priority': Some Republicans Unwilling To Discuss Trump Pledge To Pardon Jan. 6 Rioters

“The obsession with the former president is becoming obnoxious to me,” Sen. Kevin Cramer complained.

Trump's Speech On Jan. 6 Pardons Proves How 'Unfit' He Is For Office, Warns Jen Psaki

The ex-president was already a "unique and existential threat to democracy" for his culpability in the Capitol riot, noted the White House press secretary.

Former Pence Chief of Staff Has Testified to the Jan. 6 Committee

Marc Short, who has firsthand knowledge of former President Donald J. Trump’s pressure campaign on his vice president to throw out the election results, appeared under subpoena.

Trump suggests Pence should have ‘overturned’ the election on Jan. 6

The former president's statement came in response to efforts underway to make changes to the Electoral Count Act, which governs how Congress counts electoral votes in the presidential election.

Analysis: January 6 committee uses Pence team to try to penetrate Trump's West Wing

The House committee probing the US Capitol insurrection racked up one of its most significant wins yet, just as fresh evidence shed new light on ex-President Donald Trump's coup plotting.

Exclusive: Trump advisers drafted more than one executive order to seize voting machines, sources tell CNN

Former President Donald Trump's advisers drafted two versions of an executive order to seize voting machines -- one directing the Department of Defense to do so and another the Department of Homeland Security -- as part of a broader effort to undermine the 2020 election results, multiple sources tell CNN.

Fmr. WH official explains what Short testimony may reveal - CNN Video

Former Trump communications director Alyssa Farah Griffin and former Trump campaign adviser David Urban talk with CNN's Jake Tapper about Marc Short, former Vice President Mike Pence's chief of staff, testifying before the House select committee investigating January 6, after being subpoenaed.

Trump Had Role in Weighing Proposals to Seize Voting Machines

New accounts show that the former president was more directly involved than previously known in plans developed by outside advisers to use national security agencies to seek evidence of fraud.

Trump began 2022 with a war chest of $122 million

The former president’s fundraising slowed in the second half of last year, but he spent only a fraction of his stockpile.

Some Trump White House records handed over to January 6 committee had been ripped up

The National Archives says it's been taping together torn documents from the Trump White House

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