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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2022-01-08 -- vaccine mandates (9), covid 19 (8), the biden administration’s (6), president joe biden’s administration (6), health care (6)

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vaccine mandates (9), covid 19 (8), the biden administration’s (6), president joe biden’s administration (6), health care (6)

4 Million More Americans Have Health Insurance Because Biden Is President

President Biden has improved the lives of millions of Americans as 4 million have gained health insurance coverage during his presidency.

The Supreme Court appears more afraid of Joe Biden than it is of Covid-19

The Court’s Republican majority seems very concerned with reining in Biden’s power to fight a deadly pandemic.

Two Lawyers Arguing Against Biden Vaccine Mandate At SCOTUS Get COVID

Two of the lawyers arguing against President Biden's vaccine mandate at the Supreme Court have tested positive for COVID.

Supreme Court weighs Biden’s vaccine mandates as Omicron spreads

The pair of requirements, which would affect tens of millions of workers, have been in legal limbo since agencies published them last year.

Liberal Court Justices Make Up Lies About Covid | RealClearPolitics

Liberal Court Justices Make Up Lies About Covid | RealClearPolitics

Opinion | Supreme Court’s vaccine mandate cases are even more important than you think

A common rhetorical trope is that these challenges are referenda on individual liberty. They're actually about something even more important.

Supreme Court’s Conservative Majority Appears Skeptical of Biden’s Virus Plan

The court seemed more likely to sustain a separate requirement that health care workers at facilities that receive federal money be vaccinated.

Covid Live Updates: Number of Hospitalized Young Children Who’ve Tested Positive Is Jumping, C.D.C. Says

Some cases were found in children admitted for reasons aside from Covid. The Supreme Court heard arguments against President Biden’s vaccine mandates.

‘Smells Of Politics’: Louisiana AG Jeff Landry Sounds Off On Supreme Court Vaccine Arguments

Louisiana AG Jeff Landry expressed optimism about his chances in front of the Supreme Court in a challenge to the Biden administration's vaccine mandate.

Battle over Biden’s vaccine rules for workers arrives at Supreme Court

Starting at 10 a.m., the justices will hear Republican-led challenges to White House policies affecting nearly 100 million people employed at large private businesses and health-care facilities that receive federal funding.

Sotomayor Shocks Nation by Pushing COVID Misinformation in the Supreme Court

Justice Sonia Sotomayor came under fire Friday for spreading COVID misinformation as the Supreme Court weighs in on Biden's vaccine mandate.

Louisiana Supreme Court upholds employer vaccine mandate

The Louisiana Supreme Court has upheld a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for the state's largest healthcare system

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