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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2021-12-30 -- covid 19 cases (8), the omicron variant (7), health care workers (6), five days (6), dr anthony (5)

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covid 19 cases (8), the omicron variant (7), health care workers (6), five days (6), dr anthony (5)

Analysis: Biden administration signals pandemic strategy shift in the face of Omicron

The Biden administration is revealing the most tangible signs of a shifting pandemic strategy several weeks in the making. It is preparing a nation exhausted by two years battling the invisible enemy to live more feasibly alongside it.

New COVID-19 Cases In U.S. Soar To Highest Levels On Record

More than a year after the vaccine was rolled out, new cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. have soared to the highest level on record at over 265,000 per day on average.

Michigan To Defy Biden Administration’s Latest Guidance On COVID

Michigan will not change its COVID-19 isolation guidelines following the CDC's recent shortening of proposed quarantine time.

J&J’s booster shot provides strong protection against severe disease from Omicron, a study says.

Two shots of the vaccine reduced the risk of hospitalization from the fast-spreading variant by 85 percent, a clinical trial found.

6 Georgia health systems seeing 100 to 200% increase in Covid-19 hospitalizations

In the past eight days, six major health systems in the state of Georgia and metro Atlanta have experienced 100% to 200% increases in Covid-19 hospitalizations — with most of them coming from unvaccinated patients, according to a joint statement released by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Emory Healthcare, Grady Health System, Northeast Georgia Health System, Piedmont and Wellstar Health System.

Omicron surge is 'unlike anything we've ever seen,' expert says

An unprecedented spike in Covid-19 cases fueled by the fast-moving Omicron variant is crushing hospitals across the United States, with doctors describing packed emergency rooms as health experts implore New Year's Eve revelers to keep parties small and outdoors to help avert an even worse surge.

Do you have a cold, the flu or Covid-19? Experts explain how to tell the difference

Covid-19 can look a lot like a simple cold or flu, especially in vaccinated people. Epidemiologist Dr. Abdul El-Sayed explains what to look for to differentiate between the viruses and how to respond to the infections.

Fauci Defends New CDC Isolation Guidance

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading expert on infectious diseases, explained why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shortened its recommended isolation time to five days for people infected with COVID-19 who are asymptomatic.  “The reason is that now that we have such an overwhelming volume of cases coming in, many of which are … Continue reading "Fauci Defends New CDC Isolation Guidance"

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