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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2021-12-28 -- the omicron variant (5), vaccine mandates for domestic flights (4), dr anthony (4), covid 19 (4), vaccinated fauci (3)

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the omicron variant (5), vaccine mandates for domestic flights (4), dr anthony (4), covid 19 (4), vaccinated fauci (3)

Analysis: Biden grapples with a Covid-19 testing failure that could have been foreseen

President Joe Biden and his team repeatedly promised more Covid-19 testing, including at-home kits that deliver rapid results, but they are now admitting a virus that is more adaptable than the politicians who fight it has outpaced them again.

Biden looks to reassure governors amid Omicron surge and long lines for tests

Biden acknowledged the shortages that hit several states ahead of the holidays, conceding that he had not done enough to prepare for the rising demand.

Fauci: Vaccine Requirement For Domestic Air Travel Should Be 'Seriously' Considered

The infectious disease expert suggested that a coronavirus vaccine requirement for domestic air travel would incentivize more people to get vaccinated.

Fauci says mandating vaccine for domestic travel is something that should be considered

Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Biden’s chief science adviser on the COVID-19 response, said in an interview Monday that the U.S. should consider a vaccine requirement for domestic air travel.

Parents outraged after teacher mocks 'bigots,' 'evangelicals' in Dr. Seuss-style poem at school board meeting

Parents in the Austin area expressed outrage after a technology teacher read a Dr. Seuss-style poem mocking "evangelicals" and parents who have expressed concerns about books they call pornographic.

‘Stay Away From That This Year’: Fauci ‘Strongly’ Advises Against New Year’s Eve Gatherings

Dr. Anthony Fauci said Monday Americans should "stay away from" New Year's Eve gatherings, as he predicted a further increase in the number of Omicron cases.

Flight disruptions continue with thousands more cancellations as Omicron thins airline crews.

At least 2,600 more flights were canceled globally on Monday, including about 1,000 U.S. flights.

Fauci: ‘I don’t think people should expect’ a domestic flight vaccine mandate

“It’s on the table,” he added. “But that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. I doubt if we’re going to see something like that in the reasonably foreseeable future.”

Fauci: US should consider vaccine mandate for US air travel

The top U.S. infectious disease expert says the nation should consider a vaccination mandate for domestic air travel

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