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four students (12), 15 -year-old (10), charged with four counts of involuntary (8), on social media (7), crumbley charged (7)

Michigan Mom Who Thanked Trump For The 2nd Amendment Charged With Manslaughter In Son’s School Shooting

Jennifer Crumbley once thanked Trump for protecting the Second Amendment, now she and her husband have been charged with involuntary manslaughter in their son's Michigan school shooting.

Parents Of Oxford High School Shooting Suspect Charged After Damning Texts Surface

Ethan Crumbley's mother and father face charges in the wake of a Michigan school shooting that left four students dead and seven people injured.

Parkland, Florida student arrested in school shooting threat

A South Florida teenager is accused of making a school shooting threat against Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

More states consider laws to punish parents if children fire unsecured guns

Thirty states and D.C. have passed similar laws, but thus far a parent has never been charged under them in a school shooting.

Live updates: Michigan school shooting and search for Ethan Crumbley's parents

The parents of the Michigan school shooting suspect have been charged with four counts each of homicide involuntary manslaughter. Follow here for the latest.

A beloved football player and a senior with college scholarships among Michigan school shooting victims

Friends, family and an entire Michigan high school are grieving the loss of four students after a 15-year-old boy opened fire during the school day, killing four peers and shooting seven others on campus.

School Chief: Discipline Not Needed For Boy Before Shooting

Tim Throne repeatedly credited students and staff at Oxford High School for how they responded to the violence Tuesday.

Sheriff confirms FBI, U.S. marshals searching for parents of Michigan high school shooting suspect

Sheriff Michael Bouchard confirms that the FBI and U.S. marshals are currently searching for the parents of the suspect involved in the fatal Oxford High School shooting.

Prosecutor Charges Parents in Michigan School Shooting; Says They Should Have Searched Son's Bag

Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald said the parents of the Oxford High School shooter were being charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Parents Of Michigan School Shooting Suspect Charged After Allegedly Buying Him The Gun

The parents of the Michigan school shooting suspect were charged Friday for reportedly buying the firearm the suspect used in the shooting.

Facing Charges, Parents of Michigan Shooting Suspect Are Now Fugitives

Prosecutors charged the parents of the 15-year-old accused of killing four classmates with involuntary manslaughter, saying they failed to act on troubling signs.

Search on for 2 Parents Charged in Michigan School Shooting

Michigan authorities say they’re searching for the two parents charged with involuntary manslaughter in the Oxford high school shooting.

There is a manhunt for parents of the Michigan high school shooting suspect

Hours after a prosecutor announced involuntary manslaughter charges against the parents of Ethan Crumbley, the 15-year-old accused of killing four fellow students at a Michigan high school, authorities said Friday that the parents are missing.

VIdeo: Michigan prosecutor explains why Ethan Crumbley's parents were charged - CNN Video

Oakland County prosecutor Karen McDonald explains why she decided to charge the parents of 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley with four counts of involuntary manslaughter following the Oxford High School shooting in Oakland County, Michigan.

Prosecutor lays out disturbing timeline in explaining why school shooting suspect's parents were charged

The parents of Ethan Crumbley, the suspected shooter at Oxford High School in Michigan, have each been charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter.

BREAKING UPDATE: Parents of Michigan Shooter Flee After Being Charged with Involuntary Manslaughter

15-year-old sophomore Ethan Crumbley used a semi-automatic hand gun to kill four students and wound seven others at a Michigan school on Tuesday, including a teacher, according to authorities. Prosecutors this week announced 15-year-old Crumbley will be tried as an adult and was charged with terrorism and murder. On Friday, Oakland County prosecutor Karen McDonald…

Parents of Michigan Teen Shooter Ethan Crumbley Charged with 4 Counts of Involuntary Manslaughter

On Wednesday, Ethan Crumbley – a 15-year-old student at Oxford High School – was charged with murder, terrorism, and other crimes for killing four fellow classmates and injuring several others during a horrific shooting rampage at the Michigan school yesterday morning. The four students who were killed were identified as 16-year-old Tate Myre, 14-year-old Hana…

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