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executive privilege (9), kayleigh mcenany (8), investigating 6 (8), presidents kings (7), plaintiff president (7)

Judge Tells Trump He Is Not President While Denying Request To Hide 1/6 Documents

Trump lost his bid to hide documents from the 1/6 Committee as the judge told him that he is not the president and he doesn't have executive privilege.

Kaleigh McEnany And Stephen Miller Hit With Subpoenas From 1/6 Committee

Kaleigh McEnany and Stephen Miller are among ten former Trump administration officials who have been subpoenaed by the 1/6 Committee.

Federal judge rejects Trump effort to block Jan. 6 docs

A federal judge has denied former President Trump’s lawsuit that seeks to block the National Archives from handing over documents to the House select committee investigating the Jan.

Federal Judge Denies Trump’s Attempt To Use ‘Executive Privilege’ To Hide Jan. 6 Role

Trump is unlikely to succeed on the merits of his claims and cannot show how the release of public documents harms him, the U.S. District Court judge ruled.

Trump Officials Repeatedly Violated Hatch Act, Probe Finds

At least 13 former Trump administration officials violated the law by intermingling campaigning with their official government duties, according to a new investigation.

Rep. Liz Cheney Says Trump Is At War ‘With The Rule Of Law’

The Republican congresswoman said the challenge now is whether citizens will do their duty and “defend the Constitution and stand for truth.”

Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas Stephen Miller, Kayleigh McEnany Over Capitol Attack

The committee's announcement comes just one day after it subpoenaed six others who worked with former President Donald Trump.

Trump cannot shield White House records from Jan. 6 committee, judge rules

“Presidents are not kings, and Plaintiff is not President,” Judge Tanya Chutkan wrote.

Judge Rejects Trump’s Bid to Keep Papers Secret in Jan. 6 Inquiry

But a Trump lawyer has signaled an intent to appeal the ruling, which raises novel issues about an ex-president’s executive privilege powers.

Analysis: Trump suffers blow in January 6 case but keeps trying to outrun the clock ahead of 2022 midterms

A federal judge sent a message to Donald Trump Tuesday that he cannot outrun the rule of law and the Constitution forever. But that doesn't mean he won't try.

Federal judge rejects Trump request to block National Archives from giving records to Capitol riot committee

A federal judge denied former President Donald Trump's request for a preliminary injunction to keep the National Archives from handing over documents to the Jan. 6 House committee.

At the Willard and the White House, the Jan. 6 Panel Widens Its Net

What went on at a five-star hotel near the White House the day before the riot could be a window into how a Trump-directed plot to upend the election ended in violence at the Capitol.

Trump Officials Illegally Campaigned While in Office, Watchdog Finds

Mr. Trump’s son-in-law and his chief of staff are among those accused of violating a law designed to prevent federal employees from abusing their power.

Judge Shoots Down Trump’s Efforts To Keep Records From Jan. 6 Committee

A federal judge denied former President Donald Trump's attempt to keep hundreds of records private from the Jan. 6 committee on Tuesday evening.

Federal judge denies Trump's attempt to withhold records from January 6 committee

A federal judge will allow the US House to access hundreds of pages of documents from Donald Trump's presidency leading up to and about the January 6 attack at the US Capitol, in a forceful rejection of Trump's recent attempts to control information from his White House.

Chairman pursuing Trump's records responds to ruling - CNN Video

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) discusses a federal judge ruling that the House Select Committee investigating January 6th should have access to former President Trump's records.

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