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The Lesson From Virginia: Democrats Need To Wake Up And Fight The Culture War

Democrats must realize that 2022 will be a series of local and state elections. Running on accomplishments won't cut it. Democrats need to win the culture war.

Glenn Youngkin Projected To Win Virginia Governor Race

The Cook Political Report's Dave Wasserman has called the Virginia gubernatorial election for Republican Glenn Youngkin.

Virginia Election Looks Close As Red County Turnout Also Surging

While the surge in Democratic turnout for Virginia gubernatorial election, was a surprise, the surge in red county turnout was not.

4 Takeaways From The Virginia Governor's Race

Republican Glenn Youngkin defeated Democrat Terry McAuliffe. Here's what you need to know.

Democrat Eric Adams Elected New York City Mayor

Adams handily defeated Republican Curtis Sliwa.

Opinion | The wrong lesson to learn from Virginia's election

Terry McAullife's likely loss isn't the predictor of 2022 results that some are already claiming.

What went wrong for the Democrats: Rachel, Joy and Nicolle discuss the state of the left

As Rachel Maddow,, Nicolle Wallace and Joy Reid watch the results come in for the Virginia governors race, they discuss the campaign strategies of the Democrats, and how the party is being run in 2021. 

Rough Night for Democrats Exposes the Party’s Weakness

Less than a year after taking power in Washington, the party faces a grim immediate future, struggling to energize voters without a presidential foil and losing messaging wars to Republicans.

Election Updates: Murphy Prevails in New Jersey, Staving Off a Second Major Democratic Loss

The Republican candidate, Jack Ciattarelli, mounted an unexpectedly strong challenge, and his loss came after a fellow Republican claimed Virginia’s governorship for the first time in more than a decade.

5 Takeaways: How Youngkin’s Win Makes Democrats Squirm About 2022

The victory by Glenn Youngkin in the Virginia governor’s race delivered a jolt of encouragement for Republicans and a stark warning sign for the Democrats.

Glenn Youngkin’s Journey From the Heights of Finance to the Top Tier of G.O.P. Politics

Helped by his personal fortune, the victor in the Virginia governor’s race won over voters who were put off by Trumpism but were not, it turned out, entirely opposed to elevating another Republican.

In New Jersey, GOP candidate’s small lead keeps Democrats anxious

The Democratic gubernatorial candidate, incumbent Phil Murphy, had held a clear lead throughout the campaign, unlike the tight race in Virginia.

Election live updates: In N.J., Gov. Phil Murphy remains in tight race with GOP challenger Jack Ciattarelli

Democrats were reeling after a loss in the governor's race in Virginia and a strong showing by the Republican challenger in a governor's race in New Jersey that remained too close to call.

Phil Murphy tries to become first Democratic governor to win reelection in New Jersey in more than 40 years

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy on Tuesday is trying to become the first Democratic governor in more than four decades to win reelection in the Garden State, which has trended reliably blue in federal and local contests but has a history -- like Virginia -- of voting in the party out of the White House in its off-year gubernatorial races.

Analysis: Democrats need a reckoning after misjudging the nation's mood

Demoralized Democrats need a reckoning after a rough election night that sent serious warning signs that they have misjudged the nation's mood as their window closes before next year's midterms.

All eyes are on close Virginia governor election as polls are closing

Democrat Terry McAuliffe seeks another term as Virginia's governor, but the mood of voters has soured a year after President Joe Biden was elected and Republican Glenn Youngkin hopes to pull off an upset as he targets the state's suburban voters.

Dems vow to plow forward on Biden agenda, even after election faceplants

“I don’t think this complicates passage. I think it helps accelerate it.”

Shocker in New Jersey: Governor’s race a nail-biter

Republican strongholds saw massive turnout while polling traffic was light in the state’s urban, heavily Democratic areas.

Youngkin wins, flipping Virginia red

The Virginia gubernatorial contest is historically seen as a bellwether halfway between the last election and the next midterm.

Progressives win big in Boston on an otherwise tough night for the left

Excitement over Michelle Wu’s barrier-breaking victory was tempered by losses elsewhere.

Republicans poised to sweep Virginia, stunning Democrats

Republican candidates were poised to sweep up and down the ballot in Virginia’s off-year elections on Tuesday, undoing a slate of past Democratic wins in the Old Dominion.

Five takeaways from a grim night for Democrats

Republican Glenn Youngkin won a stunning victory in Virginia on Tuesday, snatching the governor’s mansion away from Democrats in a state that President Biden won by 10 points just a year ago.

Murphy holds slim lead in New Jersey with race too close to call

 New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) holds a slim lead in the state's gubernatorial contest over former state lawmaker Jack Ciattarelli (R) in what has emerged as a stunningly tight race.

Youngkin's Win Proves White Ignorance Is Powerful Weapon | RealClearPolitics

Youngkin's Win Proves White Ignorance Is Powerful Weapon | RealClearPolitics

Democrats Can Retire the White Sheets | RealClearPolitics

Democrats Can Retire the White Sheets | RealClearPolitics

At Youngkin HQ, a Hat Tip to Harnessed Parent Anger | RealClearPolitics

CHANTILLY, Va. — As the vote tally began racking up Tuesday night, Glenn Youngkin was clearly overperforming in key suburban areas, and conservatives were...

VA Election Night Chaos: Fairfax County Announces It Needs to 'Rescan' Ballots, Won't Report on Time

Fairfax County was reportedly unable to report its results on time in the Virginia gubernatorial election and will be rescanning ballots.

Fox News Dead Last as Establishment Media Calls Race for Youngkin

As the establishment media projected Republican Glenn Youngkin the winner in Virginia's governor race, Fox News came in last.

'It's a Bloodbath': Democrats Analyze Glenn Youngkin's Election Victory

Democrats analyzed Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin's election victory over former Democrat Gov. Terry McAuliffe on Tuesday.

Terry McAuliffe Refuses to Concede Election as Youngkin Declared Winner

VA Democrat Terry McAuliffe said he will not yet concede the election as major news outlets have called it for Republican Glenn Youngkin.

Claire McCaskill Has The Perfect Message For Democrats: It’s Time To Pivot And Punch

Former Sen. Claire McCaskill told Democrats not to waste time figuring out what went wrong in Virginia, but that it is time to pivot and punch.

What Glenn Youngkin’s Virginia win means for Democrats

The midterms are still a year away, but this is one ominous sign among several for the party.

Democratic Disaster: Glenn Youngkin Wins Virginia Governor's Race In GOP Clean Sweep

Democrats lost control of a state that has provided some of its biggest recent gains to a Republican who leaned into Trump's culture war — and won where Trump couldn’t.

Glenn Youngkin’s victory proves white ignorance is a powerful weapon

Republican Glenn Youngkin defeated Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia’s closely watched gubernatorial race, NBC News projected. His victory says a lot about white ignorance.

Glenn Youngkin, a Republican financier, defeats Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia governor’s race.

Mr. Youngkin, a former private equity executive making his first run for office, focused on education and taxes while projecting a suburban-dad image to create distance from former President Trump.

Analysis | 4 takeaways on Virginia, New Jersey and Election Day 2021

What we learned from Glenn Youngkin's win and the nail-biter in New Jersey, and why it happened.

8 takeaways from the 2021 elections

Republican Glenn Youngkin's projected win in the Virginia governor's race Tuesday erased any doubt: Democrats' slim congressional majorities are in grave danger in next year's midterm elections.

5 things we learned from Republicans’ big night

Republicans mounted a big comeback in elections in Virginia, New Jersey and other states.

Cincinnati elects Aftab Pureval as city's first Asian Pacific mayor

Cincinnati residents overwhelmingly elected Aftab Pureval (D) on Tuesday as the city's first Asian Pacific mayor.

Seven Reasons Democrats Lost Virginia | RealClearPolitics

When Terry McAuliffe kicked off his third gubernatorial candidacy last December, some leading Virginia Democrats had mixed emotions. On one hand, party...

Breaking: Virginia Race Called For Youngkin, Historic Gains Made Over 2020

McAuliffe held the advantage in polling throughout much of the campaign; however, by mid-October, the race tightened.

*** Live Results *** Virginia, New Jersey, Other Battles Set Tone in Biden Era

Americans vote Tuesday in the biggest election since 2020, and Virginia and New Jersey decide their next governors.

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