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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2021-05-16 -- safety security (8), in the gaza strip (8), al jazeera (8), the israeli military (7), the israel defense forces (7)

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safety security (8), in the gaza strip (8), al jazeera (8), the israeli military (7), the israel defense forces (7)

Analysis: Biden faces an angry rift in his own party over Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Democrats have their own brewing disagreement over how the US should react to violence between Israelis and Palestinians. It's an awkward public fight for a party that has made its commitment to social and racial justice a main part of its platform.

Prominent Muslim group to boycott White House Eid celebration over stance on Israel-Gaza violence

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a prominent American Muslim organization, announced Saturday it will boycott the White House’s annual Eid celebration over the Biden administration’s stance on Israel amid spiking violence in the G

Warren calls for US to support ceasefire between Israel and Hamas

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) called for the U.S.

Israeli Airstrike On Gaza Destroys Building With Associated Press, Al Jazeera Bureaus

The strike brought the entire 12-story building down, collapsing with a gigantic cloud of dust.

AP Denies Any Knowledge Gaza Office Building Was Shared with Hamas Terrorists

The Associated Press (AP) denied any knowledge that the building housing its offices in Gaza was also shared by Hamas terrorists.

AP President 'Shocked And Horrified' At Israel Bombing Of Gaza Media Building

The White House said it has told Israel that ensuring the safety of the press is "paramount."

Thousands Stand In Solidarity With Palestine In Rallies Held Across U.S., Cities Worldwide

"Free Palestine" rallies have taken place in several major cities, including Washington, London, Montreal and Sydney, amid escalating Gaza-Israel violence.

Media offices destroyed by Israeli airstrike in Gaza

The Associated Press, Al Jazeera, and media advocacy groups are demanding answers after an Israeli airstrike destroyed a building with offices belonging to news outlets in Gaza on Saturday.

New generation of Palestinian and Israeli soldiers facing off in West Bank - CNN Video

CNN's Senior International Correspondent Ben Wedeman reports from Bethlehem, where a new generation of Palestinians has taken to the barricades facing a new generation of Israeli soldiers.

Israeli strikes hit home in Gaza refugee camp, media offices as conflict intensifies

Israel bombed a house in Gaza where a family had gathered to celebrate the end of Ramadan and an office housing international media as a new flurry of Hamas missiles rained down on Tel Aviv Saturday, increasing fears that a de-escalation of the conflict could soon be out of reach.

"Shocked and horrified": Gaza news bureau is destroyed on live TV

AP and Al Jazeera staff was forced to evacuate before Israeli airstrikes.

"I Put On My Helmet. And I Ran." How One Journalist Experienced Israel's Destruction Of A Media Tower

Fares Akram grew up in Gaza city. As a reporter for the Associated Press, he worked in the building that Israel destroyed with airstrikes.

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