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federal sex trafficking (9), tucker carlson (8), matt gaetz (8), the new york times (7), rep matt (7)

Gaetz showed nude photos of women he said he'd slept with to lawmakers, sources tell CNN

Rep. Matt Gaetz, the Florida Republican being investigated by the Justice Department over sex trafficking allegations, made a name for himself when he arrived on Capitol Hill as a conservative firebrand on TV and staunch defender of then-President Donald Trump. Behind the scenes, Gaetz gained a reputation in Congress over his relationships with women and bragging about his sexual escapades to his colleagues, multiple sources told CNN.

DOJ probe into Gaetz involves cash payments to women: report

The Department of Justice investigation into Rep.

New Matt Gaetz Bombshell Report Alleges Drugs, Sex, Money... And Receipts

The New York Times said Gaetz and his friend used Apple Pay and Cash App for drug-fueled sexual encounters in Florida hotels.

REPORT: Matt Gaetz Showed Other Lawmakers Photos Of Nude Women On House Floor, Talked About Having Sex With Them

Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz reportedly showed other lawmakers photos and videos of nude women and talked about having sex with them, according to CNN.

Investigation of Matt Gaetz includes whether campaign funds were used to pay for travel and expenses

Federal investigators looking into Rep. Matt Gaetz's relationships with young women have examined whether any federal campaign money was involved in paying for travel and expenses for the women, a person briefed on the matter said.

Analysis: The one *big* problem with Matt Gaetz's explanation

In response to stunning New York Times reporting that the Justice Department is investigating a possible sexual relationship between Matt Gaetz and a 17-year-old girl, the Florida Republican congressman vehemently denied the accusation and told a broader story of intrigue involving himself and his father.

Opinion: Matt Gaetz's diversionary tactics aren't working

While the diversionary tactics Gaetz employed may gain some traction on social media and cable news in the circles where Gaetz enjoys support, prosecutors will not be distracted from their jobs, writes Jennifer Rodgers

Justice Department investigating Matt Gaetz as part of broader trafficking probe into another Florida politician

Rep. Matt Gaetz on Tuesday denied that he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old after the New York Times reported that, according to its sources, the Justice Department was investigating a possible sexual relationship with the girl and whether he paid for her to travel with him.

Matt Gaetz Is Going Down As Reports Surface Of Potential Multiple Women Sex Trafficked

Matt Gaetz's political career is disintegrating in real-time as new reporting reveals Gaetz allegedly engaged in drug-fueled orgies with women that he paid for sex.

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