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that came from that original surge (6), rest mind (6), mind mitigated (6), have been mitigated or decreased substantially (6), dr deborah (6)

Fauci says Birx 'probably should have' pushed more while in Trump White House

Dr. Anthony Fauci said Dr. Deborah Birx "probably should have" pushed more while serving on the White House coronavirus task force under former President Donald Trump.

Dr. Birx: U.S. Death Toll Could Have Been Much Lower If Trump Administration Had Acted Faster

"The federal government did not provide consistent messaging to the American people and that is fault number one," Birx said.

10 things the 'pandemic doctors' revealed to Dr. Sanjay Gupta about their time fighting Covid-19

In a new CNN special report "COVID WAR: The Pandemic Doctors Speak Out," CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta spoke to six leading US health officials about their experiences responding to the coronavirus pandemic over the past year.

What the Covid-19 war was really like in Trump's White House

No longer working under the Trump administration, six leading US health officials now reveal to CNN the real challenges they faced during the nation's fight against Covid-19 over the past year: death threats, mixed messages and in some cases, being kept from sharing information with national audiences.

Birx recalls 'very difficult' phone call from Trump following her Covid-19 warnings

Dr. Deborah Birx revealed in a CNN documentary clip released Sunday that she received a "very uncomfortable" and "very difficult" phone call from Donald Trump after speaking publicly about the spread of Covid-19 while serving in the former President's administration.

Opinion: The hard lesson of Dr. Deborah Birx

Dr. Anthony Fauci has received widespread acclaim, while Dr. Deborah Birx's previously sterling reputation has been tarnished -- perhaps irrevocably, writes Megan Ranney. As a clinician-scientist, I have criticized Birx. But I also have to wonder: What went wrong?

Analysis: America's pandemic dead deserve accountability after Birx disclosure

The hundreds of thousands of citizens whose deaths from Covid-19 could have been avoided are owed national and political accountability, but the polarization of America that exacerbated the pandemic threatens to deprive them of their due.

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