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president joe biden (14), first press conference (12), biden said (10), run reelection (8), vice president kamala harris (7)

Five takeaways from Biden's first presser

In his first press conference as commander in chief, President Biden forcefully defended his administration’s response to the surge of migrants at the southern border and signaled he could be open to getting rid of the filibuster that is imperilin

Key takeaways from Biden's first White House news conference

Convening his first formal news conference Thursday, President Joe Biden stepped into a swirl of issues that have bubbled up at the two-month mark of his presidency, which has been almost exclusively focused until now on confronting the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden Terrifies Mitch McConnell During His First Press Conference

Biden's first press conference message to Sen. Mitch McConnell was that Republicans need to decide to work with him or divide America, but either way, he is moving forward.

3 losers and 2 winners from Biden’s first press conference

Winner: A return to normalcy. Loser: Americans still worried about the Covid-19 pandemic.

Biden Didn't Get A Single Question About The COVID-19 Pandemic At First Press Conference

He was, however, asked if he would run for reelection in 2024.

Watch Live: Joe Biden Hosts His First Press Conference as President

President Joe Biden will host his first presidential press conference at the White House on Thursday.

Joe Biden Says He Won't Let Children "Starve to Death" at the Border Like Trump Did (VIDEO)

Joe Biden’s first press conference since inauguration was littered with lies and confusion. One of the most hateful and dishonest remarks he made was that his predecessor Donald Trump was starving children at the border — inside Mexico. Joe Biden: “The idea that I’m gonna say, which I would never do, that if an accompanied…

NBC News Analyst: Joe Biden Sounds, Looks Tired at First Presser

NBC News senior political analyst Jonathan Allen remarked President Joe Biden sounded and looked tired during his first press conference. 

Joe Biden Confirms He Will Run for Re-election in 2024

President Joe Biden confirmed Thursday he would run for re-election in 2024, marking the first time he committed to it.

Analysis | 4 takeaways from Biden’s first news conference

President Biden faced the press on Thursday in an extended session, taking questions at his first news conference as president.

Biden says he expects he will run for reelection in 2024

President Biden said he expects to run for reelection in 2024.

See Kaitlan Collins' tough question for Biden - CNN Video

CNN's Kaitlan Collins asks President Joe Biden about the filibuster and his plans for re-election.

Biden says he agrees with Obama that filibuster is 'a relic of the Jim Crow era'

President Joe Biden said Thursday during the first formal news conference of his presidency that he agreed with former President Barack Obama that the filibuster "was a relic of the Jim Crow era," but stressed his immediate focus was addressing abuse of the rule.

Opinion: Biden's filibuster flip-flop is outrageous

Scott Jennings writes that during his first press conference, President Joe Biden contradicted himself on where he stands on the filibuster. While in the past he was the biggest proponent of this US Senate tool, Biden now says it's being abused and has a racist past.

Fox News’s coverage of Biden’s press conference was hilariously petty

Fox News immediately shifted from blasting Biden for not having pressers to blasting him for not having more of them.

Biden Blasts Filibuster As Relic Of Jim Crow, Says GOP Abusing It In 'Gigantic Way'

The president still stopped short of calling to abolish the procedure.

Unlike Trump, Biden’s first press conference didn’t give into drama

Biden saved his best answers for the questions that weren’t really asked.

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