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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2021-02-23 -- confirmation hearing (8), attorney general nominee merrick (7), general nominee merrick garland (6), the senate judiciary committee (5), year of president barack obama's term (4)

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confirmation hearing (8), attorney general nominee merrick (7), general nominee merrick garland (6), the senate judiciary committee (5), year of president barack obama's term (4)

The anti-Barr: Biden's AG pick vows to investigate MAGA rioters

President Biden’s attorney general nominee Merrick Garland testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee for his confirmation hearing, vowing he is “not the president’s lawyer” but “the United States’ lawyer.” Senator Dick Durbin, the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, joins Ari Melber.

Claire McCaskill Says Prosecuting Trump Would ‘Merely Be Following The Instructions Of Mitch McConnell’

Claire McCaskill claimed that prosecuting Donald Trump for any crimes he may have committed "would merely be following the instructions of Mitch McConnell."

Biden outlines loan program help for ‘mom-and-pop’ businesses; GOP opposition to Tanden grows

President Biden is putting a heavy focus on the coronavirus Monday, while the Senate holds a hearing on his pick to lead the Justice Department.

Shalanda Young emerging as a top contender to lead OMB with Neera Tanden's nomination on the rocks

Shalanda Young, who last month was nominated as deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget, has emerged as a leading contender for the top position at the office, an official familiar with the matter told CNN, as Neera Tanden's confirmation grows even more unlikely.

Garland gets emotional during Senate confirmation hearing

Attorney General nominee Merrick Garland fought back tears on Monday during his confirmation hearing when he explained to senators on his panel why this role is important to him.

6 takeaways from Merrick Garland's confirmation hearing

Merrick Garland, President Joe Biden's attorney general nominee, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday, vowing to preserve the integrity of the Justice Department and to fully prosecute the "heinous" crimes committed during the attack on the US Capitol last month.

Garland's confirmation hearing starts Monday

At last, Merrick Garland gets his Senate confirmation hearing.

Mounting confirmation battle sends warning sign to Biden

Confirmation duels over Joe Biden's Cabinet picks have suddenly turned nasty, ringing alarm bells about the cliffhanger nature of a 50-50 Senate and bitter fights to come over the President's ambitious agenda.

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