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president elect joe biden (15), president-elect joe biden (14), stormed capitol (11), law enforcement (11), capitol police officers (11)

About half of Republicans don’t think Joe Biden should be sworn in as president

A new Vox/DFP poll finds that most Republicans are still questioning the election results.

House Moving Ahead With Trump Impeachment

Democrats announced they plan to impeach Trump for the second time on Wednesday.

State Capitals Brace For Unrest As Feds Warn Of Possible Violence

The FBI warned local authorities that all 50 states could see violent demonstrations in the days following an effort to overtake the U.S. Capitol.

The 147 Republicans Who Still Voted To Overturn The Election After The Capitol Siege

They repeated Trump's lies about widespread fraud as he incited supporters to violently attack Congress and democracy. Why are they still in office?

Pence not inclined toward 25th Amendment despite Trump turning riotous mob on him

Rachel Maddow outlines how Donald Trump turned the focus of his angry mob on Mike Pence, leading them to storm the Capitol chanting, "Hang Mike Pence," but this is apparently not enough to convince Pence that Trump is unfit to remain president.

FBI memo warns of threats of possible armed protests at 50 state Capitols

NBC's Tom Winter discusses an FBI memo warning law enforcement across the US of possible armed protests at 50 state Capitols. The FBiI also says an armed group has threatened to travel to Washington and stage an uprising if Congress removes Trump from office.

Six hours of paralysis: Inside Trump’s failure to act after a mob stormed the Capitol

As his allies pleaded for help, the president watched the crisis on TV.

Acting homeland security secretary Wolf to step down, nine days ahead of Biden inauguration

Republicans temporarily blocked a measure calling on Vice President Pence and the Cabinet to remove Trump under the 25th Amendment.

Several Capitol police officers suspended, more than a dozen under investigation over actions related to rally, riot

The moves come amid intensifying recriminations over why the Capitol complex was insufficiently protected last week.

Analysis: Years of bad leadership from Trump, and now no leadership at all

The more new video we see of the storming of the Capitol by Trump-inspired rioters, the more aggravating it becomes.

Pence and Trump finally speak after post-riot estrangement

Vice President Mike Pence received a memento from his aides the other day: the engraved chair set aside for him in the White House Cabinet Room, hauled over-the-shoulder from the West Wing and delivered to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building for one of his final staff meetings.

Capitol Police confirm investigation into some officers' behavior during riot

The U.S. Capitol Police confirmed it is investigating some of its officers’ actions during the riot at the Capitol last week after the agency received scrutiny for its response.

DC attorney general says Trump Organization improperly paid $49K bill incurred during inauguration

President Trump's 2017 inauguration committee was accused on Monday of paying a bill charged by the Trump Organization, further complicating a legal battle stretching back to the president's first days in the White House.

Barr, White House counsel told Trump not to self-pardon: report

Former Attorney General William Barr and White House counsel Pat Cipollone reportedly told President Trump not to pardon himself,

GOP lawmakers told Trump takes some responsibility for Capitol riot

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said on a Monday GOP conference call that President Trump told him he takes some responsibility for inciting the riots that took place at the Capitol on Wednesday, two GOP sources confirmed to T

Democrat Joe Manchin: 'Ill-advised' to impeach Trump now

Sen. Joe Manchin said House Democrats would be "ill-advised" to follow through on their threats to move toward impeaching President Trump in the coming days.

Was the Capitol attack a coup, insurrection, or domestic terrorism?

As federal prosecutors bring an array of criminal charges against dozens of people who carried out a gruesome attack on the nation’s capital last week, one question remains: Was it terrorism, insurrection, or a coup — and does it matter?

‘I Don’t Think The Democrats Will Throw Me Out’: Joe Manchin Blows Off Possibility Of Leaving The Party

Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin said Monday that he did not foresee leaving the Democratic Party.

Mike Pence and Donald Trump Patch Up Relationship in White House Meeting

Vice President Mike Pence and President Donald Trump met Monday to discuss the Capitol Hill riots and agreed on a few key issues.

Facebook Blacklists All Content Mentioning 'Stop the Steal'

Facebook has announced that it will remove all content that mentions "Stop the Steal,"  a phrase in reference to the 2020 U.S. presidential election that is popular among supporters of President Donald Trump.

Trump and Pence Hold Oval Office Meeting - First Meeting Since Pence Betrayed Trump, His Supporters and the Country

President Trump and Vice President Pence met in the Oval Office Monday evening, according to reports and a statement by a senior administration official. According to reports  the two said they will finish out the remainder of their term in office, effectively ruling out Trump resigning or Pence invoking the 25th Amendment. This was reported…

House Democrats Briefed On 3 Terrifying Plots To Overthrow Government

One plot includes surrounding the Capitol and murdering Democrats to allow Republicans to take control of the government.

Analysis: Trump's disastrous end to his shocking presidency

President Donald Trump is leaving America in a vortex of violence, sickness and death and more internally estranged than it has been for 150 years.

Attack on the Capitol broken down into 24 hours in Hulu special

What began as a protest against the results of the 2020 presidential election transformed into a violent attack on one of the most revered buildings in America.

House GOP leader tells members to quit spreading lies on riot, antifa

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) told members of his GOP conference on a call Monday that the riot at the Capitol was not caused by antifa, urging lawmakers not to further spread misinformation about the pro-Trump mob that stormed t

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