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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2020-12-10 -- the supreme court (8), story continues (5), join texas (5), advertisement story (5), wisconsin and pennsylvania over fraudulent election (4)

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the supreme court (8), story continues (5), join texas (5), advertisement story (5), wisconsin and pennsylvania over fraudulent election (4)

Senator John Cornyn Says He’s Struggling to Understand "Legal Theory" Behind Texas Election Lawsuit

Advertisements Donald Trump has run out of almost all legal options to contest the 2020 election. The members of his legal team, at this point, have either been fired or have contracted COVID-19. So with the lawsuits going so poorly, Trump has decided to try his hand with the Supreme Court. The highest court in … Continue reading "Senator John Cornyn Says He’s Struggling to Understand “Legal Theory” Behind Texas Election Lawsuit"

Texas Lawsuit Doomed As Legal Loser Trump Joins The Case

In a sure sign that the Texas lawsuit to overturn the election in four states is doomed to failure, Donald Trump has joined the case.

Lin Wood Releases Awesome Video Then Announces Georgia's Corrupt Secretary of State Declined to Testify Today in Front of Georgia House

Lin Wood released a killer video this morning – you just have to see it.  The good guys versus the Deep State. Lin Wood yesterday released this incredible video showing the patriots leading the charge against the Deep State: When You Fight Like A Flynn, The Bad Guys NEVER Win! — Lin Wood (@LLinWood)…

'As dumb as you think it is': 17 states say Texas should decide swing states' elections

Rachel Maddow marvels that the state of Texas thinks it should have a say in how Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin conduct their elections, and wonders at the 17 other Republican-controlled states that agree that the Supreme Court should overturn the election for Donald Trump.

Hunter Biden is Under Investigation for His 'Tax Affairs' - Does Anyone Believe the Bidens Will Be Held Accountable for All Their 'Tax Affairs'?

Hunter Biden is being investigated for tax issues related to his actions with foreigners.  If done properly, Hunter, his father and family should be in prison for a very long time. In October we posted an article on a discussion Hunter Biden had where he discussed his relationship with Patrick Ho and bragged about the…

ONLY 27?... A Total of 27 GOP Reps Called for a Special Counsel Probe into Election Irregularities -- GET RID OF THE REST!

The US House was predicted to lose 12 -15 seats this year in the presidential election. But thanks to President Trump and his historic performance they WON 15 seats instead. President Trump picked up over 13 million votes over his performance from 2016. President Trump won every bellwether county except one. President Trump kept the…

Arizona's Impossible Election Results - The 2020 Increase in Votes Since 1998 Is Greater Than the Increase in Population In the Same Time Period

Arizona signed onto the Texas case against Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia but what’s strange is their own house is not exactly in order.  Tonight it was reported that Arizona became the 18th state to join Texas’s suit against Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia. Arizona Becomes 18th State to Back Texas in Lawsuit Against Michigan,…

Rep. Dan Crenshaw Slams Nancy Pelosi and Democrats Over COVID Lockdowns In EPIC Speech (VIDEO)

Every once in a while, someone in Congress makes a speech on the House floor that deserves attention. Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas gave a speech this week that millions of Americans want to hear. He slammed Nancy Pelosi for deliberately withholding COVID relief funds for political reasons. Crenshaw also called out hypocritical Democrats…

'There is zero chance the Supreme Court is going to hear this case'

The president is asking the Supreme Court to let him join a lawsuit to overturn the 2020 election results in four states, enough to throw the election to him. Law scholar Benjamin Wittes joins Morning Joe to discuss.

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