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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2020-10-29 -- miles taylor (5), department of homeland security (5), 2018 new york times op-ed (4), taylor told (3), earlier year (3)

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miles taylor (5), department of homeland security (5), 2018 new york times op-ed (4), taylor told (3), earlier year (3)

Miles Taylor Tells Chris Cuomo Trump Wanted To ‘Gas, Electrify And Shoot’ Migrants

Miles Taylor, told primetime host Chris Cuomo that President Donald Trump wanted to "gas, electrify, and shoot" migrants on the U.S. southern border.

Chris Cuomo confronts 'Anonymous' op-ed author Miles Taylor over lying to CNN colleague

CNN host Chris Cuomo took issue with former Homeland Security Department official Miles Taylor not only for lying about an anonymous 2018 op-ed he wrote in the New York Times, but doing so on CNN, a cable news network that employs him as a contributor.

Miles Taylor: Trump Administration Has 'Almost Nazi-Like Immigration Policies'

Former Department of Homeland Security official Miles Taylor, who earlier revealed he is "Anonymous," the author of a New York Times op-ed and a subsequent book critical of President Donald Trump, called the Trump administration immigration policies "almost Nazi-like" during a Wednesday appearance on CNN. | Clips

Analysis: New audio tapes show how Trump bet against science

The failed bet laid by President Donald Trump to ignore science and prioritize his political goals early in the pandemic, revealed Wednesday in fresh detail by new Jared Kushner tapes, is backfiring in devastating fashion at the critical moment of his reelection bid.

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