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vice president joe biden (37), the final presidential debate (30), biden said (21), moderator kristen welker (19), hunter biden (14)

Biden Named Debate Winner 53%-39% Over Trump

A CNN poll of debate watchers found that Joe Biden won the debate by a margin of 53%-39%, as Trump's attacks were not popular.

Joe Biden Ended Trump By Being A President In The Final Debate

Joe Biden sounded like a president, as Donald Trump spent the debate spreading Russian conspiracy theories and sounding desperate.

Trump Tantrums After Biden Tries To Talk About The Middle Class Instead Of Rudy’s Conspiracies

Trump threw a tantrum when Joe Biden tried to talk about middle class struggles instead of Rudy Giuliani's crackpot conspiracy theories.

Biden Obliterates Trump For His Secret Chinese Bank Account

Trump pushed Russian propaganda on Biden, but the Democratic candidate turned it around and hit Trump for his Chinese bank account.

Donald Trump "only" interrupted 34 times in tonight’s debate

Trump "only" interrupted 34 times this time.

4 winners and 5 losers from the last Biden-Trump debate

Joe Biden was a winner — as was moderator Kristen Welker.

How the last Trump-Biden debate played on Fox News

Chris Wallace, who moderated the first debate, was "jealous."

4 Takeaways From The Final Presidential Debate

Donald Trump keeps hoping Joe Biden is more left-wing than he is.

222,000 Dead, But Trump Says America Is 'Learning To Live With' Coronavirus

"We’re rounding the corner. It’s going away," the president told Americans in the last 2020 debate.

Joe Biden Calls Out Trump On Tax Returns: 'What Are You Hiding?'

"Why don’t you release your tax returns and stop talking about corruption?” the Democratic contender said in the presidential debate.

Trump Says Migrant Children Separated From Their Parents Are ‘Well Taken Care Of’

Lawyers say they can’t locate the parents of at least 545 migrant children. Trump said the facilities they were in are "so clean."

'What are you hiding?': Biden attacks Trump for not releasing tax returns

Former Vice President Biden slams President Trump for not releasing his tax returns.

Analysis | Fact-checking the second Trump-Biden debate

Here's our round-up of 25 dubious claims in the second debate clash between President Trump and Joe Biden, with the lion's share from Trump.

Amid a year of debate over inequity and police violence, Trump and Biden spar over race

Trump asserted that ‘nobody has done more for the Black community’ since Lincoln — including the nation’s first African American president.

Analysis | 5 takeaways from the final 2020 presidential debate

After a mostly unwatchable first debate, then a canceled second one, we got a heated but relatively substantive final matchup between Biden and Trump on Thursday in Nashville.

Analysis: Hits and misses from the final presidential debate

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden held an actual debate on Thursday night in Nashville, Tennessee -- the final time the two candidates will share the stage before the November 3 election.

Trump fails to get the game-changing moment he wanted in final debate with Joe Biden

President Donald Trump heeded the pleas of his advisers when he took the debate stage Thursday night, delivering a much more restrained performance as he took on his rival, Joe Biden, but he failed to get the game-changing moment he needed to dramatically alter the trajectory of the race.

7 takeaways from the final Trump-Biden debate

The second and final showdown between President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden looked much more like a normal debate than their first meeting.

Fact-checking Trump and Biden during 2nd 2020 presidential debate

President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee for president Joe Biden faced off in the second -- and final -- presidential debate of 2020 Thursday night.

For Trump and Biden, debate fuels allegations of improper family foreign deals

President Donald Trump leveled new attacks at the son of former Vice President Joe Biden at Thursday night’s debate.

Trump commits to familiar playbook to define Biden in tamer final debate: ANALYSIS

President Donald Trump knows the playbook he used during the debate against Joe Biden, in part because he basically wrote it.

Shift in tone dominates at final Trump-Biden clash

President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden on Thursday clashed for a final time before Election Day, exchanging blows on the public health and economic crises facing the country in what was a decidedly more orderly — though s

Maddow: Trump owes Welker an apology

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow said that President Trump owes NBC News journalist Kristen Welker an apology after the Trump campaign repeatedly attacked her leading up to the final presidential debate on Thursday.

Chris Wallace says he was 'jealous' of moderator watching final debate between Trump and Biden

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace said he watched with envy as moderator Kristen Welker moderated the second and final debate between President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Thursday, weeks after he sat in the same chair durin

Welker raises question about 'the talk' during final debate

NBC anchor and presidential debate moderator Kristen Welker poised a question during Thursday night’s debate between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden about “the talk,” underscoring the heightened tensions that have been felt between Black Americans and law enforcement all summer.

Now Corruption Story Is About Joe, Not Hunter Biden | RealClearPolitics

Now Corruption Story Is About Joe, Not Hunter Biden | RealClearPolitics

Why the 'Laptop From Hell' Won't Hurt Biden Campaign | RealClearPolitics

Why the 'Laptop From Hell' Won't Hurt Biden Campaign | RealClearPolitics

Sean Hannity: Trump made Biden feel ‘full force of truth’ during final debate

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was "caught in lie after lie after lie" during the second and final presidential debate of the 2020 presidential campaign, Fox News host Sean Hannity claimed Thursday. 

Dan Gainor: Trump managed to drive debate despite Welker's interruptions

At the presidential debate, moderator Kristen Welker spent all night interrupting Trump. But despite that, the evening didn’t go anywhere near as she planned.

Live updates: Trump, Biden hit campaign trail with final presidential debate in the books

President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden debated about the coronavirus, immigration, the economy and other issues during Thursday evening's final presidential debate.

Joe Biden Denies Ever Saying He Opposed Fracking But Promises To Eliminate Oil Industry

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden promised that if elected he would "transition from the oil industry."

Calling All Patriots: How Would You Describe The Final Presidential Debate?

The final presidential debate took place Thursday. Numerous topics were discussed and new rules were implemented. How would you describe the debate?

Commentators From Across The Spectrum Praise Kristen Welker As Debate Moderator

Commentators from both sides of the spectrum praised debate moderator Kristen Welker of NBC News for Thursday's final presidential debate.

There Were No Second Amendment Questions In Any Of The Presidential Debates

There were no questions about the Second Amendment in the 2020 presidential debates or the vice presidential debate, despite record gun sales in the U.S.

Watch Live: Donald Trump, Joe Biden Face Off in Final Presidential Debate

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden will spar in the final presidential debate on Thursday night. 

Donald Trump Challenges Joe Biden to Come Clean on Family Foreign Deals

President Donald Trump urged former Vice President Joe Biden to come clean on the details of his family's deals with foreign countries.

Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims 'My Son Has Not Made Money' from China

CLAIM: 2020 Democrat candidate Joe Biden insisted that his son Hunter Biden "has not made money" from China.

Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims Obamacare Didn't Cause Americans to Lose Their Insurance

Joe Biden said during the presidential debate on Thursday night that the ACA never resulted in Americans losing their health insurance plan.

GREATEST PRESIDENCY EVER! Far left Debate Commission Ignores President Trump's Numerous Accomplishments in Final Debate -- Here's the List

Below is a list of President Donald J. Trump’s many accomplishments.  The President’s first term is arguably the best for any President in US history since Washington. And this is despite the fact that no President since Lincoln has faced the massive attacks from his adversaries that this President has faced. The Economy The DOW…

Joe Biden Falsely Claims That Not One Person Lost Their Insurance Under Obamacare (VIDEO)

President Trump and Joe Biden squared off in the final presidential debate Thursday night in Nashville, Tennessee. Trump did very well tonight and Biden began to melt down about halfway through the debate. Joe Biden Thursday night repeated Barack Obama’s favorite lie — “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. If you…

Michael Steele: Trump Did Not Give Voters A Reason To Reelect Him

Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele summed up the final presidential debate as Trump not giving voters a reason to reelect him.

Trump’s Debate Hail Mary: Lie After Brazen, Incoherent Lie

Biden fought back with populism. The debate is unlikely to change a steady Biden lead.

Fact check: Toned-down Trump continues his onslaught of falsehoods

Donald Trump's more sedate debate performance on Thursday night was a departure in tone from his chaotic performance weeks ago, but the President continued to cast his warped view of the world as truth.

Video: Key moments from final presidential debate

ABC News’ powerhouse political roundtable team breaks down the final 2020 presidential debate.

Five takeaways from the final Trump-Biden debate

President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden squared off in a combative but restrained debate Thursday night that gave voters their final chance to size the candidates up before heading to the polls Nov. 3.

Shift in Tone Dominates at Final Trump-Biden Clash | RealClearPolitics

Shift in Tone Dominates at Final Trump-Biden Clash | RealClearPolitics

Doug Schoen: Trump vs. Biden – Here's who won the debate and what it means for the 2020 election

In the second and final presidential debate Thursday night, Americans witnessed a much less raucous, more coherent, and more substantive — in other words, a more normal — discussion than the first debate just three weeks ago.

Biden Claimed He Never Said He Opposes Fracking. Here’s What He’s Said Previously

Joe Biden said Thursday during the final presidential debate that he has never said he opposes fracking. However, Biden's previous statements say otherwise.

***Live Updates*** Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden in Final Presidential Debate

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden will face off on Thursday evening in the final 2020 presidential debate in Nashville, Tennessee. NBC’s Kristen Welker will moderate the debate at Belmont University. Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times Eastern. | 2020 Election

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