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the first presidential debate (22), vice president joe biden (21), chris wallace (14), the proud boys (10), last night’s debate (10)

Chris Wallace Says He’s "Just Sad" About How the Debate Went

Advertisements For hundreds of years, presidential candidates have held debates against one another. There is a set of decorum and rules. Sometimes candidates bend these rules, but very rarely do they actually break them. In 2016, along came Donald Trump. He spent much of his debates with Hillary Clinton attempting to menace her and frequently … Continue reading "Chris Wallace Says He’s “Just Sad” About How the Debate Went"

WATCH: Multiple GOP Senators Rip Trump’s Debate Performance

Advertisements There are a number of Republican senators up for reelection in 2020. For some of them, sharing the ballot with Donald Trump could be helpful. For many more, it might be the end of their political career. So when Donald Trump took the debate stage on Tuesday night, he was fighting for other Republicans … Continue reading "WATCH: Multiple GOP Senators Rip Trump’s Debate Performance"

Presidential Debate Commission To Make Changes To Stop Trump Bullying

The Commission on Presidential Debates said that they would be making changes to bring order to the debates, also known as reining in Trump.

The debate’s segment on race was doomed before it even began

The first presidential debate of the 2020 general election, which featured a segment on "race and violence in our cities," centered Donald Trump’s racism.

The world already had low views of the US due to Trump. The debate didn’t help.

The debate didn’t tarnish America’s reputation. Trump already had.

Watching The First Debate With Hundreds Of Trump Supporters In Pennsylvania

On a farm in a key battleground state, an abiding faith in God and Trump's tax accountants.

Shep Smith Debuts On CNBC With Somber Opener Denouncing The First Debate

"We’ve never seen any of this. Not in America. But from this, we march toward the vote," the former Fox News host said.

Proud Boys Celebrate Trump's Call For The Hate Group To 'Stand By'

"Trump basically said to go f**k them up," a prominent Proud Boy said. "This makes me so happy."

Presidential Debate Commission Pledges New Format After Disastrous First Night

The Commission on Presidential Debates said it would announce new measures to "ensure a more orderly discussion of the issues."

Mary Trump: Donald Trump’s debate attack on Biden children was ‘horrifying’

Mary Trump says Donald Trump’s attacks on Joe Biden’s two sons during the first presidential debate showed the country he is “cruel” and “contentious.” She adds Donald Trump’s disregard for those serving in the military should disqualify him from the election, and that “if character mattered, he shouldn’t have been allowed to speak another word on that stage.”

Back in his comfort zone, Joe Biden hits Amtrak and the campaign trail

A day after a caustic debate with President Trump, the Democratic nominee took to the train tracks for his busiest campaign day in nearly seven months.

Debates commission says it will add order to Trump and Biden’s remaining showdowns

The two candidates clashed bitterly in their first debate, with the president repeatedly interrupting his opponent and the moderator.

Opinion | No, They Shouldn’t Cancel the Debates

Tuesday was a disaster, but the next one could be better—really. Here’s why.

Wallace Gave the Worst Moderator Performance in History | RealClearPolitics

Wallace Gave the Worst Moderator Performance in History | RealClearPolitics

Biden Has No Answer for 47 Years of Failure | RealClearPolitics

Biden Has No Answer for 47 Years of Failure | RealClearPolitics

Future presidential debate moderator shares tweet asking if Trump will submit to new debate rules

A future presidential moderator shared a tweet asking if President Trump would abide by new debate protocols set by the Commission of Presidential Debates.

Kylie Jenner bikini photo brings 48,000 users to voter registration website, says

A bikini picture Kylie Jenner posted on Instagram wasn't just meant for likes — it was also meant for votes.

‘It’s About Contempt For Voters’: Josh Hawley Criticizes Democrats’ Plans To Pack The Courts, Eliminate Filibuster

Democratic Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley said packing the courts and abolishing the Senate filibuster is "about contempt for voters" and "would be a huge mistake."

***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Minnesota Rally

President Donald Trump will hold a Wednesday evening campaign rally in Duluth, Minnesota, a day after debating former Vice President Joe Biden. Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times Eastern. | 2020 Election

Trump Mocks Biden Calling Antifa An Idea: Ideas Don't Burn Buildings

President Donald Trump on Wednesday ridiculed former Vice President Joe Biden for calling violent left-wing Antifa groups "an idea."

Donald Trump: Chris Wallace Protecting Joe Biden for Fox News

President Donald Trump on Wednesday called out Fox News host Chris Wallace for trying to protect former Vice President Joe Biden.

Black Chairman of Proud Boys Speaks Out after Liars Joe Biden and Chris Wallace Call Them White Supremacists

For months now violent leftists, antifa terrorists and Black Lives Matter have been torching businesses, terrorizing communities, shooting cops, looting stores and rioting in cities across America. But at last night’s debate Chris Wallace demanded that President Trump denounce white supremacist violence in our streets. And Joe Biden added that Trump needed to condemn the…

Biden, Trump Snipe From Road And Rails After Debate Chaos

Less than 12 hours after the wild debate concluded, Biden called Trump's behavior in the prime-time confrontation a “a national embarrassment."

Belligerent Trump debate performance stokes fears among Republicans about November

The president’s refusal during the debate to clearly condemn the Proud Boys extremist group prompted condemnations from Democrats and a muted response from Republicans.

Extremist group relishes in Trump's mention during debate

Trump refused to denounce white supremacy and militia groups during the first debate.

Trump crowd chants 'lock her up' about Omar as president warns of refugees in Minnesota

President Trump's supporters on Wednesday broke into a "lock her up" chant about Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) as the president warned of the dangers of allowing refugees to resettle in Minnesota.

Donald Trump, the Interrupter in Chief | RealClearPolitics

Donald Trump, the Interrupter in Chief | RealClearPolitics

Tucker Carlson: Trump won't win by calling out Biden's 'mental decline'

Fox News host Tucker Carlson encouraged the Trump campaign to reevaluate its messaging after the first presidential debate.

Mark Steyn Says Presidential Debate Was ‘Locked Down In Boredom’

Conservative author Mark Steyn said Wednesday that the first presidential debate was over-formatted, focused on non-issues and was “locked down in boredom.”

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