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town hall (12), democratic presidential nominee joe biden (10), biden said (9), the former vice president (8), the american people (8)

White House Forced The CDC To Downplay The Need For Coronavirus Testing

Trump didn't just downplay the pandemic, but he repeatedly dismissed measures to slow the spread of the virus and save American lives.

Biden Says Trump ‘Should Step Down’ For Intentionally Misleading America On The Pandemic

There are plenty of reasons to vote against Donald Trump this fall, but his failed response to the pandemic is simply disqualifying.

Biden says Trump should step down over coronavirus response

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said President Trump should step down over his coronavirus response during a town hall just outside of Scranton, Pa., on Thursday evening. 

Former GOP Chair Torches Bill Barr For Comparing Coronavirus Restrictions To Slavery

Instead of doing his job, which is to uphold the rule of law, Barr is actively seeking to prop up Trump's flailing presidential campaign.

Former Model Accuses Donald Trump Of Sexual Assault

Former model Amy Dorris has come forward and accused Donald Trump of sexually assaulting her at the US Open tennis tournament.

HR McMaster says president's policy to withdraw troops from Afghanistan is 'unwise'

H.R. McMaster, President Trump’s former national security adviser, called the president’s plan to withdraw troops from Afghanistan “unwise” in an interview scheduled to air Sunday.

Biden tells CNN town hall that he has benefited from white privilege

Democratic nominee Joe Biden acknowledged the existence of white privilege in his own life Thursday, saying his privileged experiences as a white man have benefited him. 

5 takeaways from Joe Biden's CNN town hall

Joe Biden cast the United States as unsafe under President Donald Trump and claimed he could unite the country Thursday night in a CNN town hall less than two weeks before their first debate.

Trump says US Covid-19 deaths would be low if you excluded blue states. That’s wrong.

If red states were a country, they’d be in the top 10 for Covid-19 deaths among developed nations.

Biden Blasts Trump's 'Criminal' Response To Coronavirus

The 2020 Democratic nominee went after the president again and again during a CNN town hall over his "totally irresponsible" handling of COVID-19.

Clyburn torches Barr for comparing Covid-19 quarantine to slavery

After Trump's AG Barr compared Covid-19 quarantine to slavery, Democratic Rep. James Clyburn called that comment "one of the most ridiculous, tone-deaf, godawful things" he's ever heard.

Biden Interrupts Republican Voter, Tries To Rebut Her Question Before She Finishes It

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden interrupted a Republican voter trying to ask a question during his CNN town hall Thursday.

Biden takes questions and criticizes Trump in drive-in town hall; Trump holds rally in Wis.

Former vice president Joe Biden held a drive-in town hall in Pennsylvania while President Trump spoke in Wisconsin.

Trump: Kamala Harris Must Not Become President Through the Back Door

President Donald Trump warned that Sen. Kamala Harris might take over for Joe Biden as the President of the United States, if elected.

Biden: Russia 'Is an Opponent,' China Is 'a Serious Competitor'

During a town hall on CNN on Thursday, 2020 Democratic presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden stated that Russia is an "opponent" of the | Clips

Analysis: Biden shows the qualities Trump lacks at CNN town hall

Democratic nominee Joe Biden on Thursday showed the empathy and fact-based thinking at a CNN town hall that President Donald Trump has been lacking, both at his own similar event two days before and throughout his botched management of a pandemic that has killed nearly 200,000 Americans.

6 key lines from Joe Biden's CNN town hall

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden discussed an array of topics tonight during his CNN town hall, including President Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic, policing in the US and what his campaign stands for.

Biden Shreds Trump’s Economic Con In Strong Town Hall Performance

During Thursday's town hall event on CNN, Joe Biden showed why many voters in midwestern battleground states are flocking to his campaign.

16 Straight Hours Inside The Alternate Reality Of Pro-Trump TV Channel OAN

This is what it's like watching an entire day of Trump World's answer to state television.

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