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united states postal service (8), joe biden (8), can’t have universal mail-in voting (8), the post office (7), the coronavirus pandemic (7)

"He Triggers Crazies" Dr. Fauci Rips Into Tucker Carlson

Advertisements Dr. Anthony Fauci has spent his entire medical career helping people survive. Whether he was fighting the AIDS virus or Ebola, the renowned immunologist did his job in a completely apolitical manner. Donald Trump, however, has politicized the COVID-19 pandemic. And in turn, the surrogates of the President have seen fit to attack Fauci. … Continue reading "“He Triggers Crazies” Dr. Fauci Rips Into Tucker Carlson"

Trump opposes election aid for states and Postal Service bailout, threatening Nov. 3 vote

Trump’s latest broadside makes explicit his intent to stand in the way of urgently needed money to help state and local officials administer elections during the coronavirus pandemic.

Obama Says Trump "Takes Responsibility for Nothing But Takes Credit for Everything."

Advertisements In an interview with former campaign manager David Plouffe, former President Barack Obama said President Donald Trump “takes responsibility for nothing but takes credit for everything,” behavior that would benefit him should the conditions surrounding the novel coronavirus pandemic improve. On the matter of a potential vaccine, Obama said that there is “no possibility of a … Continue reading "Obama Says Trump “Takes Responsibility for Nothing But Takes Credit for Everything.”"

Trump orders Chinese owner of TikTok to sell US assets

President Donald Trump is giving the Chinese company ByteDance 90 days to divest itself of any assets used to support the popular TikTok app in the United States

Typically Candidates Only Speak Once at Convention. Trump Will Speak Every Night of the RNC.

Advertisements Over the last few months, while the COVID-19 pandemic has raged out of control, Republican senators and congresspeople have remained silent. This behavior has highlighted just how tight a grip ovr the party that Donald Trump has over the party. Another example of this iron grip will be evident during August’s Republican National Convention. … Continue reading "Typically Candidates Only Speak Once at Convention. Trump Will Speak Every Night of the RNC."

Pelosi And Schumer Nail Trump For Abuse Of Power Election Cheating

Speaker Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Schumer called out Trump for abusing his power to cheat in the election by slowing down the mail.

Why the surge in racist misinformation about Kamala Harris is so worrisome

Some conservatives were quick to spread conspiracy theories when Joe Biden announced his VP pick.

Trump orders TikTok parent company to sell US assets within 90 days

President Trump on Friday issued an order calling on Chinese company ByteDance, which owns the popular video app TikTok, to divest from the social media platform's U.S. operations, citing national security.

COVID-19 Has 'Taken A Political Tone Like Nothing I've Ever Seen,' Warns Anthony Fauci

He said Tucker Carlson's treatment of him on Fox News "triggers some of the crazies in society to start threatening me."

Tucker Carlson Blasts Fauci For Calling Coronavirus Pandemic Suffering ‘Inconvenient’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson castigated Dr. Tony Fauci Friday night for suggesting “suffering” during the coronavirus pandemic was “inconvenient.”

The new doctor in Trump's pandemic response briefings: Scott Atlas agrees with him on masks, opening schools

Who is Dr. Scott Atlas? Trump's new coronavirus adviser. President Donald Trump introduced Atlas as a coronavirus adviser on Monday.

Postal Service Proposes Removing Some Letter Sorting Machines, Democrats Cry Foul

The United States Postal Service proposed removing 15% of its machines that sort letters, in a May document entitled “equipment reduction.”

Election 2020: Harris praises Biden’s ‘audacity’; letter carriers union endorses Biden

Capping their first week as a ticket, Biden and Harris will appear together to sign official documents related to accepting the party’s nomination at next week’s Democratic National Convention. Tonight, President Trump is scheduled to speak to the City of New York Police Benevolent Association.

Trump’s assault on the U.S. Postal Service gives Democrats a new campaign message

Democrats say the president’s move to undermine the government-run mail service offers them a chance to scoop up rural voters, veterans and seniors.

Trump brother hospitalized in New York: Sources

President expected to visit brother, sources said.

Sarah Palin Claims Media Dislikes Conservatives, Has Double Standard Regarding Kamala Harris

Advertisements Speaking to Fox News host Jesse Watters, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R) claimed the media dislikes conservatives voices and has a double standard regarding Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), who this week was named as Joe Biden’s running mate in the presidential race. “I don’t know if it’s so much a gender thing …” … Continue reading "Sarah Palin Claims Media Dislikes Conservatives, Has Double Standard Regarding Kamala Harris"

Problems with the Postal Service are getting worse

The USPS warned 46 states that it couldn’t guarantee mail-in ballots would arrive in time.

Postal Union Endorses Biden-Harris As Trump Threatens USPS

The president has used baseless voter fraud claims to justify his continued reluctance to fund the postal service ahead of the election.

Major US postal workers union endorses Biden for president

A major union representing U.S. postal workers endorsed Democrat Joe Biden, a move that comes after President Donald Trump acknowledged he was starving the postal service of money in order to make it more difficult to vote by mail in November’s election

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