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StoryGraph Biggest Story 2020-07-20 -- the new york times (7), the centers for disease control and prevention (6), public health (6), health officials (5), covid 19 (5)

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the new york times (7), the centers for disease control and prevention (6), public health (6), health officials (5), covid 19 (5)

Trump defends bungled handling of coronavirus with falsehoods and dubious claims

In a wide-ranging interview with Chris Wallace of Fox News, Trump also declined to call the Confederate flag offensive and suggested he might not accept the results of the November election if he loses.

Trump insists he's 'right' on the virus as more Americans get sick and die

President Donald Trump just offered a telling glimpse into his priorities as the coronavirus lengthens its trail of death and sickness.

Dr. Deborah Birx Told The White House That Coronavirus Surge Was Fading: Report

A damning New York Times report reveals that Birx encouraged the Trump administration to believe the virus was soon coming to an end.

Inside Trump’s Failure: The Rush to Abandon Leadership Role on the Virus

The roots of the nation’s current inability to control the pandemic can be traced to mid-April, when the White House embraced overly rosy projections to proclaim victory and move on.

Trump Leans Into False Virus Claims in Combative Fox News Interview

The president grew agitated as he was fact-checked on polling, race relations and the coronavirus response by Chris Wallace of Fox News.

Despite Masks’ Proven Value, Some U.S. Leaders Avoid Mandates

Health workers assigned to care for Brazil’s Indigenous people have exposed remote communities to the virus. Some Republican leaders are starting to distance themselves from President Trump’s handling of the pandemic.

Vulnerable Border Community Battles Virus on ‘A Straight Up Trajectory’

In the Rio Grande Valley, poverty and chronic illness are aggravating the coronavirus outbreak. Ambulances stack up outside emergency rooms, where patients wait for beds.

Paul Ryan: Trump Risks Losing Key Battleground States

Paul Ryan claimed during a recent private event that President Trump risks losing key swing states in November's presidential election.

Trump Is Trying To Block Funding To States For Virus Testing

The Trump administration is trying to block billions of dollars in aid to the states to pay for coronavirus testing and contact tracing.

As Trump Ignores Virus Crisis, Republicans Start to Break Ranks

President Trump continues to press for a quick return to life as usual, but Republicans who fear a rampaging disease and angry voters are increasingly going their own way.

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