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the country’s leading infectious disease expert 14 2020 (2), mail flipboard (2), facebook whatsapp (2), dr anthony (2), anthony fauci (2)

Biden Stands Strong With Fauci In The Face Of Flailing Trump Smears

The Biden campaign is strongly defending Dr. Anthony Fauci, as the Trump White House has mounted a smear campaign against the pandemic expert.

WH denies reports that Trump aides are working to undermine Fauci

The president insisted on Monday that he likes Dr. Anthony Fauci, as press secretary Kayleigh McEnany denied the White House was working to discredit the country’s leading infectious disease expert.

Teachers’ Union: Free Up Funds to Reopen Schools by Defunding Police

The Los Angeles teachers' union suggests schools could free up funds needed to reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic if police are defunded.

Tucker Carlson Says The ‘Ghouls’ Who Exposed His White Supremacist Writer ‘Will Be Punished’

Carlson appeared more interested in attacking those who exposed his white supremacist writer than he was in denouncing the hateful rhetoric.

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