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asked chinese president xi jinping (10), former national security adviser (8), trump asked chinese (7), the new york (7), room happened (7)

Group of GOP operatives launch super PAC to target anti-Trump Republicans, boost Biden

A group of GOP operatives, including former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, launched a super PAC targeting anti-Trump Republican voters.

Bolton Claims Trump Asked China's President For Favor To Boost Reelection Chances

The former national security adviser described a meeting last year between the two presidents in his forthcoming tell-all book.

Lighthizer denies Bolton claim that Trump asked Xi for election help

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer on Wednesday denied a claim by former national security adviser John Bolton that President Trump asked Chinese President Xi Jinping for help winning the 2020 election.

Bolton Says Trump Impeachment Inquiry Missed Other Troubling Episodes

In his new book, John R. Bolton, the former national security adviser, describes instances when the president sought to halt criminal inquiries. He also says President Trump’s loyalists mocked him behind his back.

Schumer endorses Engel in competitive primary fight

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) endorsed veteran Rep. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.) as he faces a stiff primary challenge from progressive Jamaal Bowman this month. 

The Hill's Campaign Report: Progressive candidates face make-or-break moment ahead

Welcome to The Hill’s Campaign Report, your daily rundown on all the latest news in the 2020 presidential, Senate and House races. Did someone forward this to you?

'Scumbags': Bolton claims Trump quipped that journalists 'should be executed'

John Bolton reportedly wrote in his upcoming book that President Trump once said journalists should be jailed or executed.

Trump signs Uighur human rights bill as Bolton book leak claims he encouraged China to build detainment camps

President Trump signed into law a Uighur human rights bill on the same day an excerpt from John Bolton's book was leaked, claiming that he told Chinese President Xi Jinping to go ahead with building concentration camps to house the Muslim minority group.

Financial Problems Plagued Rick Wilson as He Became Never Trump Leader

Never Trump leader Rick Wilson’s hypocrisy is not limited to now attacking those who support the Confederate flag after previously supporting it himself.

Lighthizer denies Bolton claim that Trump asked Chinese President Xi for reelection help

The Trump administration's top trade official slammed John Bolton's claim that the president asked Chinese leader Xi Jinping to help him win reelection by purchasing agricultural products, calling it "absolutely untrue."

John Bolton’s Tone in ‘The Room Where It Happened’ Swings Between Tedious and Slightly Unhinged

In his memoir, the former national security adviser writes about Donald Trump’s White House, including the president’s attempts to ingratiate himself with Turkish and Chinese leaders.

Bolton claims in book that Pompeo once called Trump 'full of s---'

Former national security adviser John Bolton alleges in his upcoming 592-page memoir that during President Trump’s 2018 visit to North Korea, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo handed him a note saying of Trump: “He’s so full of sh--.” 

In wake of Bolton revelations, Democrats vent fury at Republicans over handling of Trump impeachment

Some Democrats blamed the former national security adviser for not speaking out earlier, while others criticized Republicans for voting to bar new evidence in Trump’s impeachment trial earlier this year.

Watch: Kayleigh McEnany Defends Trump Rally as Legitimate Political Speech

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Wednesday defended President Donald Trump's political rallies as legitimate political speech.

Here We Go... John Bolton in New Book Claims President Trump Asked Chinese President Xi for Help in Winning Reelection (Video)

An excerpt from John Bolton’s book was released to the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday. The White House pushed back on the release of the book saying the book if filled with classified information. In the released transcripts Bolton claims President Trump asked Chinese leader Xi Jinping for help in the upcoming election. Attorney General…

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